House Democrats issue FOIA request over MSP troopers entering House floor

Earlier today I blogged about 4 incidents that should be investigated by the state police. The first and most upsetting incident is that MSP troopers entered the House floor. The House Democrats issued a press release today that partially addresses this issue:

House Dems Issue FOIA Request Following Right to Work Vote

Legislator requests records from Reps. Bolger, Walsh, Michigan State Police

Greimel said a second FOIA request was filed with the Michigan State Police to determine who gave the order for several Michigan State Police troopers to come onto the House Floor following the vote on a “right-to-work” bill yesterday. The House floor is outside of state police jurisdiction and authority — the House Sergeants-at-Arms provide that service. Hundreds of state troopers were called in from around the state to be in Lansing Tuesday, draining safety officers from many Michigan communities.

“Obviously, we appreciate and respect the need to protect public safety and to ensure law and order around the Capitol, but we are very concerned that State Police troopers began to intervene on the House floor when a procedural dispute over House rules occurred,” Greimel said. “State troopers belong on the streets, ensuring public safety, not on the House floor.”

Emphasis mine. I’m concerned too.

I’m looking forward to seeing the results of this FOIA.

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