Events for Monday 12-10-12

This was supposed to be part of the daily briefing, but the briefing won’t be ready until later today. Sorry, it’s an ear doctor thing. So here are some events for you to consider today:

  • Michigan Nurses Association will be at the front Capitol steps, 10:30am, to speak out against Snyder’s “Right to Steal” legislation. “one nurse will speak for the group, the Rev. Greg Martin, Unitarian Universalist Church of Greater Lansing, will speak on behalf of nurses, caregivers and all workers and families who will be hurt by the Governor’s attack on the middle class”
  • Wear RED for the middle class, & share the picture on Facebook.
  • Press conference by Mark Brewer at 2:00pm; Mark unveils information to show that Snyder has been planning this rtw effort for his entire term.

That’s all I have but I know there’s more, so feel free to add things in the comments or on the BFM Facebook page.

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