Will it be Gretchen?

So the ‘sphere is abuzz with whisperings of Whitmer v Snyder in 2014. Today’s excitement is due largely to this article about this web site.

The speculation is nothing new; Gretchen has been making waves for quite some time. For a while we thought it would be Whitmer v Bishop for AG. Given the way 2010 turned out, I’m glad she stayed out of that race.

If Whitmer is seriously considering taking on Snyder, there are a few things in her favor right now:

  • Early money
  • Established connections
  • She has the base
  • She knows Lansing (unlike my dear friend JMG who was an outsider)
  • She’s charismatic & articulate

And here’s what my perspective tells me she needs to work on:

  • More money
  • Organization, organization, organization
  • More organization

If she makes the jump for a gubernatorial run, she will likely be the only serious female candidate, though I suspect Jocelyn Benson will be on the ballot against Ruth Johnson. These two seats can be very competitive, to our advantage.

So will it be Gretchen in 2014? I think I hope so.

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  • NoviDemocrat

    Isn’t the recall legislation that’s being pushed through being done exactly for this reason – to protect the legislators from the threat of recall for voting for RTW?

    • http://www.bloggingformichigan.com Christine

      It has been in the works for a while, hasn’t it? It would protect them from political votes but I don’t think it’s due to the rtw law. Currently you could recall someone for believing in rainbow unicorns. It doesn’t have to be true but your language has to be clear.

  • St. Jimmy

    I think it would be dumb to try to recall anyone when we’re two years away from a new election for Governor. We need to pool our resources now so we can fight later.

    That said, I think Whitmer is our best shot. She’ll need a ton of money to beat Snyder, though. I hope she can raise it.

    The only good news about the RTW legislation is that the liberal base is awoken and thirsting for blood. Game on, GOP!