Will it be Gretchen?

So the ‘sphere is abuzz with whisperings of Whitmer v Snyder in 2014. Today’s excitement is due largely to this article about this web site.

The speculation is nothing new; Gretchen has been making waves for quite some time. For a while we thought it would be Whitmer v Bishop for AG. Given the way 2010 turned out, I’m glad she stayed out of that race.

If Whitmer is seriously considering taking on Snyder, there are a few things in her favor right now:

  • Early money
  • Established connections
  • She has the base
  • She knows Lansing (unlike my dear friend JMG who was an outsider)
  • She’s charismatic & articulate

And here’s what my perspective tells me she needs to work on:

  • More money
  • Organization, organization, organization
  • More organization

If she makes the jump for a gubernatorial run, she will likely be the only serious female candidate, though I suspect Jocelyn Benson will be on the ballot against Ruth Johnson. These two seats can be very competitive, to our advantage.

So will it be Gretchen in 2014? I think I hope so.

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  1. NoviDemocrat says:

    Isn’t the recall legislation that’s being pushed through being done exactly for this reason – to protect the legislators from the threat of recall for voting for RTW?

    • It has been in the works for a while, hasn’t it? It would protect them from political votes but I don’t think it’s due to the rtw law. Currently you could recall someone for believing in rainbow unicorns. It doesn’t have to be true but your language has to be clear.

  2. St. Jimmy says:

    I think it would be dumb to try to recall anyone when we’re two years away from a new election for Governor. We need to pool our resources now so we can fight later.

    That said, I think Whitmer is our best shot. She’ll need a ton of money to beat Snyder, though. I hope she can raise it.

    The only good news about the RTW legislation is that the liberal base is awoken and thirsting for blood. Game on, GOP!

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