And the republican party accelerates its decline into nothingness

Well I’m not sure exactly what happened to pressure Snyder’s hand into strong-arming right to steal legislation in Lansing yesterday. The word is that he was under threat of primary and he was promised support by DeVos, Norquist, inc., and he folded like a crack house mattress. I’m sure they were also motivated to lash out at us, like when a woman breaks up with a guy and he calls her a bitch and keys her car. If you didn’t notice, Michigan broke up with the Republicans in the last election, but unfortunately the gerrymander has us chained in the GOP basement.

I don’t really care why Snyder folded; the problem is that he did. Now Lansing has triggered all kindsa turmoil that we coulda shoulda avoided. Here are just a few of the ramifications of what one shitty nerd did yesterday:

1. Snyder ruined his own reputation as a moderate. Mind you, those of us who pay attention already knew he was a right wing loon. Now everyone else finally knows too. Here’s hoping we see no more of those bullshit editorials by the NYT on how Mr Snyder breaks the mold. I’d like to say I toldja so but if you are receptive to that message then you are already kicking yourself.

2. Snyder demonstrated that his “word” is worthless. We all know the difference between what he said and what he did. ’nuff said.

3. Snyder has cemented his legacy as a Dictator Governor. Removing local governments, pepper-spraying protesters, locking people out of the Capitol. Detroit will probably riot again. Rick Snyder brought us civil unrest.

4. Snyder’s agenda will stall. Though since he’s never been honest about what’s on it, this may be hard to measure.

Those are just some of the consequences to Snyder. I’m not making any predictions on his re-election, though I am pretty confident that he just lost. Here are some of the consequences for the rest of us:

1. People are going to get their asses beat in union shops. Say what you want about union thugs, I know you will anyway. But if you join a union shop and you take union benefits and let the union people take all the risk and you refuse to help, someone is going to fuck with you. If you understood the history of labor, you would understand the violence. If you don’t like it, you’ve got the freedom to work at a non-union shop. Sayonara, leech.

2. Discrimination against union members will increase. Union busting shops will offer better wages and benefits to the folks who refuse to pay union dues. Some of the right wingers will use this as evidence that unions aren’t needed, but that’s because they’re stupid. Once the union goes away, so will the incentive to offer perks.

3. Recalls will begin. Targeted recalls against House and Senate members will begin as soon as possible. That’s not me organizing them; there were already talks underway. The interesting thing about recalls this time is that the people who generally do not support them are actually in favor of them now. I predict we will take out 2 House members and 1 Senator, and we will take over the legislature in 2014. Some of those House seats we might not be able keep because they’ll be in Republican territory, but a conservative Democrat might be able to hold them. (Snyder will not be a target of a recall)

4. Gerrymandering reform will begin this decade. If you have to lie about your intentions and lock people out of the Capitol, you know you are going against the wishes of the people. The way to fix that is to fix the gerrymandering system that allows the Republicans to keep control of our government even though they are the clear minority in the state.

5. The right to steal law will be repealed. We’ll have this fight all over again, and we’ll win. And it will be easier because we’ll be in the majority.

People are always more motivated when they feel threatened; that’s why people stayed in line for so long to vote last November. Believe me, the Republicans are screwed for the next 10 years.

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  1. Excellent post. Terrible day for sound public policy in Michigan.

  2. Union busting shops will offer better wages and benefits to the folks who refuse to pay union dues. Some of the right wingers will use this as evidence that unions aren’t needed, but that’s because they’re stupid. Once the union goes away, so will the incentive to offer perks.

    They can’t do that. When a bargaining unit has a collective bargaining agreement, everyone is covered under it and the union is the exclusive bargaining agent for that bargaining unit. Which is why, as you rightly point out, it’s bad for a union local for people to get the benefits of union work, but pay nothing for representation, etc. even though they’re still entitled to it. If “exclusivity” were not in place, we would see the tactic that you mention: employers would offer non-members a better deal in order to encourage workers not to join a union (and get them to decertify). Then, once the union is out of the way, the employer will be able to do what it likes.

    • Well what they do is create equivalencies though. For example a common tactic is to say we have X dollars, not enough to give you all 3% raises, so we will give the non-union 3% salary increases and give the union 3 days of vacation. On paper this may be equivalent. In a tough economy, people want cash.

  3. Snarky Anderson says:

    I wish I shared your optimism, but there’s long list of factors working in favor of Republicans in Michigan: the national economic recovery, which Governor Snyder and his party will take credit for; the likelihood of a GOP wave in 2014 (the party in the White House has generally done very poorly in the sixth year of a presidency); right-wing cash by the trainload that will be spent on behalf of GOP candidates and against progressive ballot proposals; a horrible legislative map, thanks to Republican gerrymandering and Justice Alton Davis’s defeat in 2010; the lack of a Democratic bench–a big problem considering that Senator Levin and Representatives Dingell and Conyers are in their 80s; and last but not least, the blithering incompetence of MDP Chairman for Life Mark Brewer and the aging apparatchiks who run the party.

    If the MDP really wants to harness the anger of right-to-work and other awful legislation coming out of Lansing, it will have to change its entire business model. This means brooming the party’s old guard, going all out to recruit newcomers into the party structure, and implementing a state-level version of Howard Dean’s “50-state strategy.” The chances of that happening are about the same as Eastern Michigan playing in next year’s BCS Championship Game.

    • Well I think we’re seeing things we’ve never seen before. Starting with the national economic recovery, we have Obamacare which will have been fully implemented by then (I think) and it is looking the GOP is finally getting called out on their obstructionism and fiscal cliff bs. The Supreme Court will rule on lgbt marriage equality next year, so that battle will be fresh in everyone’s minds. Whatever happens with SCOTUS, you know the GOP will be on the wrong side of it because they’re so stupid.

      Nationally the GOP is on the decline in part due to natural demographic shifts. I’m not sure how much of that is in play in Michigan.

      On a state level the “right to work” is a losing battle for them, it’s just so unpopular. Many of us have emotional connections to labor; even though the facts are on our side, it isn’t that they are attacking the facts (they are nowhere near the facts!) it’s that they are attacking our families. Our grandfathers’ legacies. “Follow the blood to the hospital” still means something to a lot of us. That’s a huge problem for them in that they’ve activated people who normally sit these things out. There’s a reason that Snyder and Richardville didn’t want to do this, and now they’re going to find out that they were right to be afraid of it.

      They locked the Capitol doors and pepper sprayed the people fighting rtw. And I’m pretty sure Detroit is going to riot at some point partially because they are using an EM law that was ‘supposedly’ voted down by the people. Don’t bother to explain to me why the EM law is legal because that’s not the point. The symbolism makes Snyder THE DICTATOR GOVERNOR and it will be overwhelming against him. All we need here is a candidate of the people.

      At some point between now & then the marijuana debate will come back up. Schuette has been messing with that since it became law. And around the state we have cities voting to decriminalize it and these GOP prosecutors standing in the way. Grand Rapids is in the middle of that right now. Schuette led & lost the fight against Obamacare. Check. Schuette led & lost the fight against keeping juvenile offenders in jail for life. Check. This seat is competitive, we just need a candidate.

      Everywhere you turn, the Republicans are IN THE WAY of what the people want. AND they’re mean. Look at how they talk about minorities. Minorities came out to support Obama because they want gifts? These minorities are proud people who value work and value government. Study after study shows that the GOP is increasingly alienating constituencies.

      Would you have thought all those people would stand in line for 12+ hours to vote? They did it because they were pissed off. How much more can Ruth Johnson fuck up? Jesus she was out campaigning the day before the election, and on election day our machines didn’t work. Even in Shiawassee our machines didn’t work, and that’s never happened in my experience. There’s a seat that’s definitely in play and if Jocelyn runs then we take this seat.

      The teabags came out in 2010 because they were pissed off. By 2014 if the national finances are relatively settled, the teabaggers will be irrelevant. Many of them are already gone and the GOP will be fighting internal battles to minimize them anyway. And just in case there was a woman who was going to vote for them, they’ll say something about how she was asking to be raped. Some girls, they rape so easy.

      I have no idea what will happen on the MDP side of things, but I know that the other organizations are starting to organize and OFA seems to be sticking around to help. If we have a good slate with Gretchen & Jocelyn that will help with enthusiasm.

      Worst case scenario we’re more competitive than historical metrics would predict. Best case, we run better than I predicted.


  1. […] That’s from this article, which is reporting on the really big surprise that Mark Schauer is considering a run for Governor. That article then speculates on the Democratic field, and reveals that Randy Richardville would “never” underestimate his opponents. Which of course he did when he rammed that crap through lame duck, though he doesn’t yet appreciate the extent. […]

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