Freedom to freeload, recalls, primaries, and more from your Michigan Republicans

Rant. Possibly NSFW.

All I wanted was a few days off to take care of some shit. I have a lot of unexpected things going on, and this morning I have a headache and I’m pissed off.

Assholes in the legislature decided it was time to pursue their “right to work” bullshit yesterday. According to MIRS,

“MIRS News reports former Michigan Republican Party chairman Ron Weiser and 2006 GOP gubernatorial nominee Dick DeVos are putting the pressure on in the Senate, where Majority Leader Randy Richardville doesn’t want to take it up.”

Grover Norquist is in on it too:

Norquist, founder of Americans for Tax Reform, sent all legislators a letter Nov. 30, adding to the growing chorus of conservative groups pressuring the Republican-controlled Legislature to jam through a right-to-work bill in the lame duck session this month.

And as GMStein noted, the MI Chamber is showing its true colors as well.

Always tuned in to the nuance in Lansing, Tim Skubick makes this observation:

He could have uttered, “The darn thing is dead. Now let’s go celebrate Christmas.”

He could have said, “Let’s pass this thing and be done with it.”

Or he could have said, “It is still not on my agenda” which he’s been saying for three

Ah but.

What he did say was, “This is on the agenda.”

The governor continues on his merry way, having it both ways.

Joe Schwarz weighed in:

“We’ve had the right-to-work debate before, we will have it again,” Schwarz said. “But now is not the time, and this is an example of a term-limited Legislature with no institutional memory wanting to take up an issue which will be deeply and catastrophically divisive at exactly the wrong time. It’s wrong for the Legislature, it’s wrong for the governor, and it’s wrong for the state.”

He said right to work would make it impossible for lawmakers to deal with other critical matters, like personal property taxes, a reworking of Blue Cross-Blue Shield of Michigan and economic efforts for Detroit.

He said it seemed significant that the Detroit automakers and other large industrial firms haven’t weighed in.

“That tells me something,” he said, “that they think as I think, that this is not the time. We’re crawling hand over hand in this economy to bring it back to an appropriate and sustainable level. What purpose is possibly served in having this fight now?”

Meanwhile it’s time for Republicans to party:

It’s good for Snyder to relax, since he’s looking at a Teabag primary or loss of GOP support if he doesn’t push freedom to freeload. That’s according to Right Michigan, though they also thought that Romney could win in Michigan. Bahah.

From yesterday, here are some great pictures:

And the recall talks are kicking in now. The talks have been simmering on the back burner for a while, but the watchdogs were holding their collective (there’s that word again) breath to see how things were going to go after the bollocking we gave the Republicans a month ago. Since the GOP caucus has decided they have to deliver SOMETHING to their donors and their wingnut base, the watchdogs are going to have to move forward on the recall strategy.

I hate the Republicans for doing this to me. I never used to support recalls for political purposes. Ask anyone in Shiawassee. Hell you could ask Chet Zarko if he were here (RIP fellow blogger); a recall just wasn’t my style. But these GOP bastards have fucked our shit up so much that our best hope to protect our homes and our families is to get them out of Lansing. I’m not even part of the planning team for recalls; I’m just one of the friendly voices that would have opposed them.

All I wanted was a few days off. Goddammit.

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