Michigan Chamber Admits It Lied

During the Proposal 2 fight, Detroit television station WDIV hosted a debate on its Flashpoint show. The program included this exchange between host Devin Scillian, Michigan Chamber of Commerce President Richard Studley and Executive Director MASA William Mayes:

April was the time to lie.



“… It would preempt Right to Work but isn’t that part of the broader campaign? Wouldn’t, don’t you want to see Right to Work…?”


“The governor doesn’t support right to work, at the Michigan Chamber, we don’t support Right to Work…”


“I don’t support Right to Work at all. And I would never recommend to my association that we go for, right to, to change, that bargaining process in the State of Michigan.”

Studley lied. Yesterday, during the inevitable, with or without Proposal 2, Right to (Freeload) Work debate, Studley released this statement:

…it is clear that now is the time for bold and decisive leadership to pass comprehensive Freedom to Work legislation…

By this he means now that Proposal 2 has been defeated, it’s time to admit the truth. The time to lie was during the campaign, when admitting the truth would only have helped motivate more people to vote for the proposal.

A recent poll concluded that 70% of Michigan voters support collective bargaining. Do any of them believe the Chamber actually cares about their freedom? Or is it maybe more believable that the Chamber’s members want to save some of the money they spend on the people they employ? But then the Chamber has shown you can never be sure what they really believe.

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