Update on the Blue Tiger Bloggers

I wanted to give you a brief update on the progressive blogger caucus, now known as the Blue Tiger Bloggers. We held a Google hangout Thursday night for a little over an hour; we had about a half-dozen people in there. We discussed the goals of the caucus, some organizing tools, and how this would all work within the party apparatus. I was elected temporary Chair and Ernie Whiteside was elected Secretary or Recording Secretary or Secretary General or something. ScottyUrb posted pictures of Sarah Palin and Paul Ryan, and then tried to have me impeached. I sense trouble from that dastardly young man.

Some of the goals we discussed:

  • training and organizing netroots
  • coordinating on progressive messaging
  • taking action on issues of interest, such as Internet privacy, rural broadband, etc.

Our next steps are to agree on the bylaws and prepare for the Spring Convention. We’ve also contacted the New Organizing Institute about a Michigan rootscamp.

Pretty exciting stuff.

I’ll be talking about this tomorrow morning with Tony at 8:35am. Listen at 1310am or stream it from www.thetonyshow.org.

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