Did Anonymous prevent the Republicans from stealing this election too?

There’s tons of evidence showing that the Republicans like to steal elections at all levels, but let’s just focus on the Presidential.

Hacktivist group Anonymous publicly issued a message to Karl Rove right before the election, warning him to avoid any shenanigans. After the election Anonymous issued a press release announcing that they had set up firewalls to prevent Rove from interfering with the election results.

Here are a couple of Thom Hartmann segments on this. First from RT:

And now the audio from Hour 1 of his radio:

That audio presents the same information as the video, but it’s longer and it includes listener calls.

There are a few caveats with this information:

  • I am not making a statement on whether this is true or false.
  • Anonymous doesn’t usually make false claims.
  • I am not certain that it was the real Anonymous issuing the warning and the press release.

I would like to see some technical data to support the claims of Anonymous, but there is significant risk to them if they expose any of their knowledge. My guess is we will not get the data, which means that Anonymous’ claims will remain in doubt by the majority of people who hear them.

That being said, there is significant value in the social engineering aspect of these claims. Consider for a moment that it may not have been true and there was never any vpn capability between Rove’s operation and the suspect election equipment. The fact that the public would even consider whether Anonymous’ claims are true demonstrates a lack of confidence in our system. If someone is wondering whether Anonymous protected our election, they’re not really wondering if the election can be stolen. They’re wondering if Rove’s operation could have done it. So far there has been no argument against these claims based on the security of the election technology. The public doesn’t doubt that it can be done, they just doubt that it was done.

And that alone is a victory for voting rights activists, if we figure out how to leverage that doubt in the battle for election integrity.

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