Wednesday briefing and open thread

Happy Wednesday everyone.

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Lots of links today.

  • FBI joins probe after Michigan church serving as poll spray-painted with anti-black graffiti

    MOUNT CLEMENS, Mich. -The FBI has joined an investigation after a suburban Detroit church that served as an Election Day polling place was spray-painted with anti-black graffiti.

  • Jimmy Carter’s grandson strikes again

    You start out in 1954 by saying, “Nigger, nigger, nigger.” By 1968 you can’t say “nigger”—that hurts you, backfires. So you say stuff like, uh, forced busing, states’ rights, and all that stuff, and you’re getting so abstract. Now, you’re talking about cutting taxes, and all these things you’re talking about are totally economic things and a byproduct of them is, blacks get hurt worse than whites.… “We want to cut this,” is much more abstract than even the busing thing, uh, and a hell of a lot more abstract than “Nigger, nigger.”

  • Racists on Twitter, and what states they live in. (The Ed Show video, I can’t embed)
  • Election night slide show, showing our african-american first family

    (I only added that picture to taunt the racists.)

  • There’s more on the other side …

  • Speaking of President Obama, Inside NASA’s New Spaceship for Asteroid Missions

    The re-election of President Barack Obama has kept NASA on track to send human explorers to an asteroid, and that means work on a 21st-century spacecraft to fly astronauts to the target space rock and hover nearby — or maybe even pogo off its surface — will go ahead as well.

    As of 2010, Obama has challenged NASA to get astronauts to an asteroid by 2025, and on to Mars by the mid-2030s. Whether or not the space agency can stick to that schedule largely depends on its future budget, experts say, but regardless of the pace, work on the asteroid mission is already under way.


  • Anti-austerity strikes and protests across Europe – live

  • Michigan WWII veteran to receive medal from France
  • Interim Troy Mayor sworn in Friday

  • Kwame Kilpatrick claims he has received death threats (Can’t say that I care, and I’d really like this guy to get out of the headlines. But there are people out there who do care, so it is presented here for them.
  • From Right Michigan – Nice Try

    The most conservative candidate who could win was not selected. The middle of the road, shifting chameleon like qualities that are embraced by the moderates who in fact control the mechanics of the selection process, were. The true conservatives who live, breath and advocate principled conservatism were weeded out by the likes of Inks and his ideological dinosaur brethren holding the reins to the republican party. (For now)

    We all remember THAT.

    And for that particular saga, 11 million Conservative voters sat on their hands.

    Either THAT, or there was fraud.

    Take your pick.

    But to continually defend a non position of shifting apologies to the progressive left? To Win?

  • From CATO: The Republican Problem

    The first thing Republicans should do is stop reading only the conservative media. The conservative echo chamber apparently convinced them that Romney was winning the election. Romney himself is reported to have been “shell-shocked” by his loss. I wasn’t, because I’d been reading the polls, including the swing-state polls. If the conservative media are going to tell Republicans what they want to hear, then smart Republicans had better start looking at a broader range of media.

    This is an important piece is significant because if … and I mean IF … Republicans stop consuming ONLY conservative media, then their realities may change. They might join the rest of us in the reality based community. And then we can start having policy based conversations that are based on the same set of reality based facts. But it’s a big “IF” :(

  • The science is overwhelmingly clear: man-made global warming is real and most Americans agree, says ABC’s Blakemore
  • Scandal-plagued Roy Schmidt talks defeat, what’s next in first remarks since losing re-election
  • Leaked deal memo for last year’s Grand Bargain: “Obama willing to go quite far”

  • Commentary: Right to work?

    Passing a right to work law could end up being a long-term disaster for the Republicans. It could give Democrats the needed rallying cry to punish them in the coming midterm elections.

    The fact that voters didn’t want to stick collective bargaining in the constitution doesn’t mean that they are solidly anti-union. The collective bargaining amendment vote was closer than the other constitutional amendments. There’s some indication that many confused voters just blindly voted against them all.

    The chances are that many of the same voters who are against unions having special constitutional rights would also be opposed to having the rights they now have taken away from them.


  • State wants new look at jobless aid for lawyer

    An Ingham County judge awarded benefits after finding that Andrew Shirvell was fired for exercising his free speech. But the attorney general’s office says the offense was not related to the First Amendment. The state says Shirvell’s conduct disrupted public business and was not protected.

    In a separate matter, a jury in August ordered Shirvell to pay $4.5 million to Chris Armstrong, who was student government president at U-M.

    The link has some related back-stories, in case you’re not familiar with Shirvell.

  • Thom Hartmann – Be progressive

    Thom talks with author and activist Tom Hayden on the 2012 election and how Democrats need to be more progressive. Also discussed: what legalizing marijuana in Colorado and Washington means for the movement to end the drug war, what the Occupy Movement’s doing to help end the debt crisis for the people and, in tonight’s Daily Take, Thom discusses how a millionaire “job creator” is mad about having to offer his employees healthcare.

  • Ugh. Already? 2016 Dem lineup: Clinton, Bayh, Cuomo, Biden, Warner
  • Why Kent County’s highest-ranking Republican in the state House supports Jase Bolger (Hint: It’s Lisa Posthumus Lyons)

  • L. Brooks Patterson Looks Ahead: ‘The County is Changing’

    “The county is changing. It used to be a safe Republican stronghold, but it won’t be for much longer,” Patterson said. “I don’t mind people moving to Oakland County from Wayne County, but they are bringing their politics with them!”

    Unofficial Oakland County election results show 53.41 percent of voters cast a straight party vote for Democrats on Election Day and 45.27 percent did the same for Republicans.

  • Democrats want to revamp voting procedures and make Secretary of State an appointed position

    Gretchen Whitmer is the Senate minority leader. She says many Michigan voters waited for hours to cast their ballots while Secretary of State Ruth Johnson was campaigning for Mitt Romney. A spokeswoman for Ruth Johnson says the Secretary of State was not campaigning for Romney on Election Day, but was working with local election officials.

    She sure was campaigning on November 5.

  • And this just makes me giggle – Woman runs over spouse for Obama re-election

    An Arizona woman, enraged over the re-election of President Barack Obama, allegedly ran over her spouse with the family’s SUV for not voting in the general election,

    I wonder if it was Shelly. lol.


    Census DailyMonday, November 12th. It’s a time to celebrate one of life’s simple pleasures — it’s Peanut Butter Lovers’ Month. The stuff of America’s favorite sandwich, peanut butter was first offered to the public at the St. Louis Exposition in 1904. But as we currently know it — with the peanuts roasted and the product churned like butter to be smooth and so the oil won’t separate — peanut butter didn’t appear on grocery shelves until 1922. While we each eat more than six pounds of peanuts in all forms each year, peanut oil is used in making paints, cosmetics, and lubricants, while the shells are used to make wallboard, abrasives, and fuel.
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    1. There’s an easy way for Democrats to follow Tom Hayden’s advice and be more progressive: join the Green Party.

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