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Oh my God!!! You guys!!!

I am exhausted. What an amazing week! The first three days were all about the election and the last two days I spent moving to the new facility. Saturday I was gone all day and Sunday my house was calling to me: “clean me, or you will never find anything again.” So it was a lost week in terms of blogging but it was an excellent, exhilarating week in terms of everything else.

So I’ll get to the briefing; I have a lot of stuff here.


Karl Rove’s Former Leather Slave Comments on His Ex-Master  Rude Pundit.  Need I say more?

Twitter Racists React  (Warning:  ‘N-Word’ heavy)

The Party of Work

The Pew Research Center does excellent research on Asian-American and Hispanic values. Two findings jump out. First, people in these groups have an awesome commitment to work. By most measures, members of these groups value industriousness more than whites.

Second, they are also tremendously appreciative of government. In survey after survey, they embrace the idea that some government programs can incite hard work, not undermine it; enhance opportunity, not crush it.

Moreover, when they look at the things that undermine the work ethic and threaten their chances to succeed, it’s often not government. It’s a modern economy in which you can work more productively, but your wages still don’t rise. It’s a bloated financial sector that just sent the world into turmoil. It’s a university system that is indispensable but unaffordable. It’s chaotic neighborhoods that can’t be cured by withdrawing government programs.

For these people, the Republican equation is irrelevant. When they hear Romney talk abstractly about Big Government vs. Small Government, they think: He doesn’t get me or people like me.

Or in Mitt Romney terms, they don’t take personal responsibility for their lives.

Rethinking “shellshocked” Romney

So why on earth would Team Romney, in CYA-mode following the election, start flogging the story to credulous media enablers that they were “shellshocked” by the results? It boils down to two alternatives for Romney’s camp, neither of them good, both of which would be the basis for claims of political malpractice. Option A: admit that you were operating in a bubble, that your pollsters were making faulty assumptions, and that despite the fact that your pollsters were coming up with numbers that didn’t look like anyone else’s, you were so reliant on gut feelings about voter enthusiasm that you didn’t bother to seek a second opinion. (That’s the CBS article, in a nutshell.)

Or Option B: admit that your data looked much like everyone else’s and that you’re smart enough to know that all along that you were losing, but that the rules of the game prevented you from publicly admitting that. That’s partially because, via the ‘bandwagon effect,’ it might depress turnout, but mostly because it would depress contributions from big money donors who don’t want to waste their money — thus becoming a self-fulfilling prophecy because you then wouldn’t have the money you’d need to even have a shot at winning.

From November 8, 2011: See, I Told You So – Erick Erickson tells everyone he told them so.

Michigan in Congress:

Money a key factor in Stabenow’s defeat of Hoekstra

“He couldn’t buy enough airtime to establish himself as a credible opponent,” said Craig Ruff, senior policy fellow at Public Sector Consultants, a nonpartisan Lansing think tank.

(There’s not enough $$ in the world to make Hoekstra credible)

Dave Curson!!  Dave Curson!!  Dave Curson!!

MI-11 still a cluster by electing two congressmen

Thanks to McCotter and his campaign staff, we have a two month period of a dem in a lame duck session with major fiscal discussions. Thanks, man.

This still isn’t over. Besides the court cases, there may be a nasty primary here in 2014.

It’s delicious.

Will Michigan’s U.S. Sen. Carl Levin run again in 2014? Expect decision early next year

Gongwer reports that Gary McDowell officially conceded to Dan Benishek on Friday.  Damn.

“I am proud of the campaign we ran to fight for good-paying jobs, protect Medicare and defend our Great Lakes,” Mr. McDowell said in a statement. “I called Congressman Benishek tonight to congratulate him on his successful campaign and wish him luck in his next term in Congress.”

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2013 House Dem Leadership

House Democratic Leader Tim Greimel (D-Auburn Hills) and House Democratic Floor Leader Rudy Hobbs (D-Southfield) talk to reporters Thursday following caucus elections for the 2013 session

State House GOP names Livonia lawmaker speaker pro tem

Republicans voted Thursday to keep House Speaker Jase Bolger of Marshall as their leader. Bolger won a tight race among voters in Tuesday’s election amid criticisms surrounding his involvement in a former Democratic representative’s decision to change parties. Rep. John Walsh of Livonia was elected speaker pro tem.

The GOP now holds a 59-51 edge in the chamber. Republicans had been up 64-46 going into the election and Democrats would have needed a net gain of 10 seats to retake control.

Making a Mountain Into a Molehill – Right Michigan’s take on Bolger being re-elected to Speaker.  Hehehehehehehe

Senator Whitmer being pushed to run for Governor … and let’s have Jocelyn Benson on the ballot for Secretary of State again.  Bye Bye Snyder & Johnson!!

Other stuff:

Props’ defeat shows spending has its limit: Voters tune out after message overload

At some point, many Michigan voters tuned out the relentless barrage of political television commercials, and no amount of additional spending was going to buy their attention — or sway their vote.

Four more years for President Granholm  Henry Payne is just a complete parody of himself at this point.

Politics Belongs to All of Us

There’s a saying in Washington: “If you’re not at the table, you’re on the menu.” On issues like students loans, decent entry-level jobs, the criminalization of poverty and the failed war on drugs, racial segregation and the future of our climate, we now have an opportunity to turn the campaigns that ignited a generation into an enduring force for change. We will have to transition from organizing for a campaign to organizing for an agenda that we set.

Population and politics behind Oakland County’s shift toward Democrats – with no mention of the GOP creating a special law to ensure Republican control.  It just seems like such a conversation should include a reminder of the Republican attempts to legislatively squash the Democratic base in Oakland County.

Automakers will scrap 15,000 new vehicles damaged by superstorm Sandy

Toyota Motor Corp., Chrysler Group, Nissan Motor Co., Honda Motor Co. and their dealers plan to scrap more than 15,000 new vehicles damaged by Hurricane Sandy as the industry continues assessing the impact of last week’s storm.

Nissan alone estimates more than 6,000 Nissan and luxury Infiniti brand cars and light trucks are “un-saleable” because of the storm, Travis Parman, a company spokesman, said late this week.

Including used autos and those of individual owners, as many as 200,000 light vehicles may have to be replaced, said Larry Dixon, senior analyst for the National Automobile Dealers Association.

Intimacy and Leadership – The latest from Dan Mulhern

Andrew Heller: It wasn’t a mandate but it was a landslide (No, it was a mandate.  But, whatever)


Census DailyMonday, November 12th. It’s a time to celebrate one of life’s simple pleasures — it’s Peanut Butter Lovers’ Month. The stuff of America’s favorite sandwich, peanut butter was first offered to the public at the St. Louis Exposition in 1904. But as we currently know it — with the peanuts roasted and the product churned like butter to be smooth and so the oil won’t separate — peanut butter didn’t appear on grocery shelves until 1922. While we each eat more than six pounds of peanuts in all forms each year, peanut oil is used in making paints, cosmetics, and lubricants, while the shells are used to make wallboard, abrasives, and fuel.
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