Hoogendyk and the righties push for right to work for less

Crazy Jack has a post up on Gillman’s blog, encouraging Lansing to take up RtWfL. Jack has several reasons spelled out as to why Lansing should pursue “the legislation that has already been written.”

Among the reasons are this June 2010 “pledge” by Snyder:

Jase Bolger also supported right to work for less:

LANSING — New House Speaker Jase Bolger said a labor law review by his fellow Republicans would be conducted to gauge whether making Michigan a “right-to-work” state makes economic sense and would create jobs.

While Gov. Rick Snyder said throughout the campaign that having a right-to-work discussion would be too divisive at a time when he says management and labor have to work together, Bolger said Wednesday nothing should be off the table.

If you looked closely you would notice that all of this is 2 years old. But Crazy Jack did pull out some less stale data to support his opinion, in the form of this March 2012 piece from Mackinac Center:

Earlier this month, Lansing-based Marketing Resource Group released the most recent polling result on right-to-work in Michigan. The survey, commissioned by Inside Michigan Politics, showed that 58 percent of likely voters support right-to-work. Opposition among Michigan voters participating in the survey was at 37 percent.

Sounds great, but if you’ve taken good notes then you’ll pick up on the fact that the data comes from the same poll (pdf) that found overwhelming public support for Snyder’s EM law. Obviously some rock solid data in that poll, no red flags there. (snark) And here’s some more data that doesn’t work for Jack:

A poll conducted on Monday and Tuesday by Lake Research Partners shows that 70% of Michigan voters support collective bargaining rights even though 55% voted against Proposal 2.

Of those who voted against Proposal 2, 41% said it was because they opposed enshrining the amendment in the state’s constitution.

“I think the message here is pretty clear: Moving forward, it would be a mistake for politicians in Lansing to…pass new laws that attack collective bargaining,” said David Mermin, a partner with Lake Research Partners.

So Jack & friends will push hard for this issue now because they know it may be their last & best chance this decade to get this through. We have to stay organized and keep the pressure on the Republicans to resist this ridiculous piece of legislation “that has already been written” by ALEC. Snyder and the House of Representatives are up again in 2 years, and smart money says that these guys learned a couple of things from this election:

So what does 2014 look like? Gov, LG, SoS, AG, all up for reelection. We’ve got a rock star candidate for SoS, we hope to have a rock star for Gov. We can get someone for AG. Great potential there.

The one scary unknown is Carl Levin. Republicans will be hot for his seat, and it will be tough for us to defend if Carl chooses to retire. Do they want to risk us being pissed off in a year when they might really have a chance to pick up a Senate seat?

But we still need to push back, so here’s what you can do for now:

Tell them to say NO to right to work for less.

Michigan is not a sweatshop state!!!

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  1. My conservative husband received a call asking for him by name polling on the “right to work” question. It was the only question they asked. I wasn’t asked my opinion (it’s against “right to work”). Interesting.


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