Monday evening briefing and open thread

It’s Monday night, and I’m watching The Ed Show for the first time ever. Tonight he’s showing the long voting lines in Ohio and it just makes the blood boil. Someday America will look back on these election shenanigans with great embarrassment.

I’ve been spending most of my time on the phone or on social, so it’s just a quick link dump tonight.

Area GOP candidates raise more than Democrats

Secretary Johnson reminds voters about Election Day rules

Presidential Election Could Wind Up in Court

Clinton, Eaton counties pay $1,800 to fix ballot problem

In what is possibly the dirtiest, sleaziest GOP campaign in Michigan, State GOP descends upon Greenville as election nears.

Vote for Huck. He’s the guy getting smeared by Outman the sleaze.

Whitmer: Why I’m supporting Obama

Risky Business – I Recommend It


Steal the vote 2012

New authority transpo projects subject to Moroun’s control

Election 2012: Sex, lies and videotape


Census DailyMonday, November 5th. This year’s Nobel prizes were announced last month, and the award ceremonies will be held in Stockholm, Sweden and Oslo, Norway next month. In 1952, the prize for medicine was awarded for the discovery of the first antibiotic produced in the U.S. — streptomycin. The breakthrough medicine was developed by a Ukrainian immigrant, Dr. Selman Waksman, and four of his students at Rutgers University in New Jersey in 1944. It went into production later that year and proved to be the first antibiotic treatment for tuberculosis. Making antibiotics is now an $11.3 billion a year business.

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  1. Obama was just re-elected, and the first words out of Speaker Boehner’s mouth is that the Republican House has the Mandate, not Obama. Let’s throw out the word, Mandate. Contact your Congressman NOW and tell him or her that we the people expect Congress to work with the President to solve the problems of this nation. We will no longer tolerate Obstructionist Politics!

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