Presidential Election 2012 …Undecided? … A Main Street View Made Short and Simple

Note: this was published as a comment to our Thursday briefing. I think it’s great and wanted to make sure everyone saw it! Thanks James!~~cb

We should all be able to agree that the incumbent President, and his challenger, coming from very different backgrounds, and by their own perspective standards, are good men who love their families and this country.

What is making this 2012 election cycle different from past presidential elections is the progression of something more than the usual political friction, but an evolution into more of a cultural dilemma, a cultural dilemma where we, as a nation, are searching for a way to bridge this cultural divide that has seemingly been growing in this new century.

So, at the risk of sounding too harsh and simplified with this Main Street view, so many in this country have drifted into a culture of greed, a culture of instant gratification, and a culture, at times, of disrespect.

We can look back at our first decade in this new century witnessing our economy being basically left unattended and spiraling out of control. This benefited a few, but was disastrous for so many. Some can look back at the last four years of our gradual economic progress with impatience, and refuse to understand why so many of us have less spendable income compared to 15 years ago. We can see a lack of respect creep into every aspect of our lives, coming from home, in our schools, to our professional lives. All of this has almost become numbing.

What it basically comes down to in this 2012 presidential election is who you trust.

Who do you trust to keep our nation on the path of continuing our national recovery?

Who do you trust to invest in and build every facet of our infrastructure in our nation?

Lastly, who do you trust when looking into a family member’s eyes when putting them to bed at night, whether it be the innocence of a child, or the thankful sometimes tearful eyes of a parent, trusting that your child is going to continue to be safe and have opportunities, trusting that your parent will still have the resources to live out the rest of their life with dignity?

The 2012 presidential campaigns have revealed who we can continue to trust not only through our path of continuing recovery, but with our path of building a sustainable prosperity for not just the few, but the opportunity of prosperity for all in this country.

Maybe some will think this is an over simplification, but with all of the misinformation that we as voters have been bombarded with in this 2012 presidential election because of the Supreme Court decision, it really comes down to one thing, trust. President Obama has demonstrated leadership and the trust criteria. You don’t have to agree on every issue with this President, but you know you can trust him.

Thank You.
James Rairigh
Lansing/Traverse City, Michigan

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