Snyder campaigns for Bolger

I love it when Snyder shows his true partisan hackery. It makes it so much easier for me to say “Toldja so.”

“Jase Bolger is a great partner in getting Michigan back on track. As a result of bad tough choices, we balanced the budget, we’re paying down our debts, and more jobs are being created. Some of these changes have upset the public special interests, but they were the right things to do for our puppet masters state and our children. We need strong leaders like Jase to keep Michigan moving forward. Let’s not turn back now. This is Rick Snyder, please vote to keep Jase Bolger working for you.”

(I added some of the notes from the first draft back in there)

Snyder’s One Tough Nerd PAC also gave Bolger $5,000.

So those of you who haven’t figured out that Snyder is a true Republican hack yet can chew on this for a while. He would rather campaign for a guy who coordinated a crime against the public, than risk losing complete Republican control of the Michigan government.

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