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NSA Analyst Proves GOP Is Stealing Elections

UPDATED: Why is Mitt Romney so confident?

In states where the winner will be decided by less than 10%, of the vote he already knows he will win. This is no tinfoil hat conspiracy. It’s a maths problem. And mathematics showed changes in actual raw voting data that had no statistical correlation other than programmable computer fraud. This computer fraud resulted in votes being flipped from Democrat to Republican in every federal, senatorial, congressional and gubernatorial election since 2008 (thus far) and in the 2012 primary contests from other Republicans to Mitt Romney.

Emphasis mine. An amazing read.

How about a Romney-Biden administration? Here’s a thought exercise on what happens in the event of a tie in the electoral college.

The Fed helps Republicans win the White House.

The Federal Reserve has helped Republicans win the White House and stay in power over the past half century, according to a new academic study released Thursday.

“The Fed is independent but not indifferent,” according to the study by William Roberts Clark, a professor of political science at the University of Michigan.

The Fed has raised rates as elections approach when Democrats control the White House, but lowers them as elections approach under Republican administrations.

Recliner Mitt. No purpose. Just a little funny.

US House

In the 11th: SFGate has an article on the confusion, indecision, etc., left in McCotter’s bizarre wake. Or the bizarre McCotter’s wake.

Lance Enderle in the 8th. Inspired by this article from JamieG from MD.

State Races

52nd. Eclectablog’s latest piece on Mark Ouimet.

63rd. WMUK on Jase Bolger v Bill Farmer. Basically a he said, he said, but with audio interviews.

A Detroit News article on the Michigan Supreme Court races. Justice O’Brien says that the current system of electing Justices is the best there is, because “there’s a good vetting that goes on” during elections. The Detroit News says that “if history holds true” the Supreme Court race will be ignored by voters. So that must be one heck of a vetting process that goes on. I’m just sayin.

And Justice Zahra doesn’t want Justices elected at all:

Earlier this week Zahra told the Muskegon Chronicle and Jackson Citizen Patriot that he favors a constitutional amendment to end the election of justices and move to a system in which the governor appoints them for set terms.

With Barb Byrum termed out, we have a hot contest in the 67th. Tom Cochran (D) and Jeff Oesterle (R) are both competitive here. Here’s an LSJ article and here’s another at WKAR.

Prop 3:

It’s not going to bankrupt Michigan and it’s not free either,” said Elisabeth Moyer, assistant professor of geophysical sciences and a director of the University of Chicago’s Center for Robust Decision-making on Climate and Energy Policy.

“One thing that we really liked about this study … there was no funding provided to it by either proponents or opponents of Proposal 3,” Rabe said, adding that he requested Moyer complete the study after seeing her research on the Illinois renewable energy standard.

Neither Rabe nor Moyer discussed their opinions of the proposal.

The proposal states that facilities used to meet the standard must be located in Michigan or within the customer service area of utilities operating in Michigan, which expand into parts of Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana and Ohio, according to Moyer’s report.

Prop 2:


Other Michigan

In that city that our right-wing friends affectionately call “DeToillet”, DeToillet volunteers patrol the streets at night to keep their neighbors safe.

Police are still looking for the roadway shooter. Prepare to be stopped if you look suspicious on the road. I am not worried because I look like an angel.

What a dick

Hurricane Sandy’s Worst Twitter Villain

Comfortablysmug’s lies on tumbler

The apology

Be sure to say hi to him @comfortablysmug

Census DailyWednesday, October 31st. Beware — it’s Halloween or more properly, All Hallow’s Eve, the day before the Feast of All Saints. According to Celtic tradition, it’s a time when witches, ghosts, and other unsavory characters walk the Earth for a day. For years, Halloween was eagerly awaited by youngsters, who would dress up in whatever was handy and make the rounds of the neighborhood, begging for candy with the empty threat “trick or treat!” Now, more formal parties are being held, and grownups are just as apt to wear a costume as children. The Jack-o’-lantern, made from a real pumpkin, is coming back in popularity. U.S. farmers grow just over a billion pounds of pumpkins a year, worth $100 million. Illinois is the leading producer, followed by California, New York, and Ohio.

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