Hamburg Township Sign Wars

A story about a man and his sign.

Ah Hamburg Township. 36 square miles of semi-rural heaven with a proud history of not allowing Germans to vote unless a decision needs to be made and the non-Germans are deadlocked. No, really. How do you think it got the name Hamburg?

Well Hamburg Township is tucked in to the ass end of Livingston County, which is that place that puts up the billboards on US23 bragging about how the Republicans have kept the bond ratings high, the taxes low, and the women barefoot. Hamburg Township looks nice enough from the sky but apparently they keep the place beautiful by making sure there ain’t no Democrat signs ’round them parts.

So what’s a Hamburg Township Democrat to do when his yard signs keep getting stolen or vandalized?

Only go out and get the best sign ever!!!!!!

“Steal this yard sign assholes”

And this sign is WAY better than those little ones that get stolen …..

The sign is actually a 160″ outdoor screen, displaying video projected from a camera that is housed in a camper at the side of the road. It’s owned by Sean Heiney, who has it placed in his yard on Winans Lake Rd. In less than a week vandals had knocked it over and broken one of the beams. Sean initiated counter-measures.

“now with pan tilt night vision cam, hillbillies”

And then the township government sent in the big guns:

“Hello Sean my name is Pat Hagman, I’m with Hamburg Township. Just trying to get in touch with you regarding projector screen. And it’s causing quite a bit of havoc, in terms of the distraction that it’s causing for traffic. It does raise some concerns, I’d like to speak with you about it. I do understand your right for having a political sign in your yard, but I do have some concerns for safety. Because there is some movement on that sign, it’s not static. So please give me a call, I don’t want to see anybody get hurt or any accidents. You can reach me at 810-231-1000 extension 221. And I really would appreciate some cooperation on this if you wouldn’t mind. So thank you very much for giving me a call back. Have a nice day.”

You can read the transcript, but to get the feel of it you should listen to the audio. It’s only a minute.

At this point I started looking for the Hamburg Township sign ordinance, which I could not find. There is a reference to it being amended, but this message came in before I ever found the actual ordinance:

We only have a few days left before the election. I doubt that anything will happen now, but how much you wanna bet they write a “Sean Ordinance” before next year?

Oh, and one more thing:

Because goddammit if you’re going to put up a Democratic sign in a town that hates Democrats, you do that shit in style.

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  1. Where at on on Winans Lake Rd is the sign.Wasn’t enough to detract from my driving today I’d like to see personally the Havoc

  2. Bill Wilcox says:

    Typical Democrat. Waste a garbage load of money and raise a big stink. All to say they are being targetted, when they also steal signs and vandalize RNC. Where’s the outrage at the letter that was sent to Republicans saying they weren’t able to vote because they were currently considered illegal. How about the 200+ GM car dealerships that were shut down and conviently all the owners were registered Republicans? Keep reporting one side of the story, it only invalidates your integrity.

    • Would it make you feel better if it had a gun on it and he paid for it with a credit card?

      • Bill Wilcox says:

        That response means “what” exactly? I’m merely stating that Dems steal and vandalize Rep signs as well, but those don’t get a “Steal this yard sign assholes” or “now with pan tilt night vision cam, hillbillies” blog entry… Do you just stick your head in the sand on those and act like the big-bad-meanie Republicans don’t play nice? Keep voting for “revenge”, I’m proudly voting for “Love of country”

        • It means that if Sean was a Republican and he was projecting anti-Obama on the screen, you’d be calling him a Constitutional Warrior – Tea Party Hero who is fighting for his liberty against the bad guys. He’d probably be your next Presidential nominee.

        • By the way I just heard Romney say, don’t vote for revenge, vote for love of country. It’s nice to see all those independent thoughts bounce around your head Bill!!


    Sean is having way too much fun ! Often drive by sign … Just great !!!!

  4. Bill Wilcox says:

    First, no, I’d call him an idiot for wasting money when a simple sign cemented into the ground would be much cheaper… what’s a projector, outdoor big screen, camper, web cam with pan and tilt cost??? Oh well, his money to waste, I guess.

    Second, Romney said that in response to Obama saying “vote for revenge”… Maybe you should read-up before you make further inaccurate assumptions.

    • Nah, you’d be worshipping him.

      Obama didn’t say vote for revenge, he said voting is the best revenge, in response to a crowd that was booing everything the GOP did. His message was don’t boo the GOP, go vote them out of office, because that’s the best revenge for all that GOP obstruction. In this case revenge and love of country would be the same thing. :)

      I already knew the source of Romney’s twisted statement, I just didn’t realize you were repeating it word for word until I heard it again on the radio.

      • Bill Wilcox says:

        Really??? I guess you just know me too well from a response to your liberal rag blog…

        Probably going to call me a racist next because I’m not voting for Obama.

        GOP obstruction? He had 2 years and accomplished nothing. Unempoyment is higher, food stamps are higherd, national debt higher. He called Bush unpartriotic for getting out the China Credit Card, yet he’s added far more debt…
        Good luck tomorrow… I’m outta this dump

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