MI-06 Mike O’Brien Shreds Fred Upton in first debate: Can He Do it Again? Polls & Race Closing

As the national presidential debates come to a close, it is time to return to local debates and races where Democratic challengers are gaining ground, one of those is the Mike O’Brien for Congress campaign closing race with 26-year Republican incumbent Fred Upton, GOP Chair of the Energy and Commerce committee in the US House 6th Congressional District in Michigan. O’Brien dominated the first debate on October 9, 2012, the next debate is set for tonight October 23, 2012. Check this one out – you just might like Mike.

MI-06 A Race in a Dead Heat?
Mixed Emotions, Results and Messages in a Split District

Recent polls show conflicting results on the support of the 26-year incumbent Fred Upton, from the Democratic sources, Mike O’Brien has closed the gap to the closest CD 6 has been in decades, on the other hand the Upton campaign is now pushing their own polls to convince voters there is no match, despite the positive statements and stories that have been running locally on the challenger, O’Brien.

From the Daily Kos Elections Morning Digest on October 11, 2012:

Though GOP Rep. Fred Upton occupies a district that went for Obama by eight points in 2008, the race in MI-06 hasn’t gotten a lot of attention this year. Despite facing down an unsuccessful Club for Growth-fueled primary challenge, Upton still has a huge campaign warchest, while his opponent, Marine vet Mike O’Brien, had only raised about $100K as of mid-July. But sometimes background factors matter more than candidate dynamics, and that appears to be what O’Brien’s trying to demonstrate with a new internal from Myers Research that shows [Republican Incumbent] Upton leading [Democrat Challenger O’Brien] by just a 47-42 margin, with Libertarian Christie Gelineau taking 7 percent. That’s still quite a climb for O’Brien, but what’s most notable is how unfriendly this sample is [in the same poll]: Obama actually trails Mitt Romney 48-47…”

Whether or not voters in this district pay attention to such polls or not, or whether local issues and concerns, such as fracking and oil spills in which many have a personal stake, are enough to sway the recent traditionally moderate to conservative leaning district more to the center, the fact is the gap between challenger Mike O’Brien and and the 26-year Republican Fred Upton incumbent is closing.

READ the FULL INTERVIEW of Mike O’Brien posted on October 18, 2012 on Michigan’s own Eclectablog. O’Brien talks about the race tightening, several emerging issues in the campaign, parallels between Upton and Mitt Romney, and his next debate with Upton.

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READ the FULL POSTING on DailyKos – Part of a SERIES.

Disclaimer: The authors of this post are not employed by or members of the O’Brien campaign and it is an independent piece not endorsed by the candidate or campaign staff. Full disclosure – however, one contributor did taste one of Mike’s organic chickens for Christmas once… it was great.

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