Thursday briefing and open thread

Well first of all, I don’t care that much about the debate. I just don’t think it matters. Except that I enjoy seeing Republicans feel bad about their unbearable darkness of being and today there are a few of them smiling. That gives me a minor sad.

And now let’s go to video .. Bill Press says that Romney won:

Jennifer says, don’t worry about it

She’s been saying this since President Obama first backed out on debate camp.

Here are some Romney supporters:

They make America proud.

And off to the briefing

  • Really?

    GOP takes new tack: Romney can still win while losing Ohio

    “Ohio is extremely important but I also know that we have other good things going for us right now as well: Wisconsin, Iowa, Colorado, Nevada,” Priebus told The Hill on Wednesday morning.

    If he loses the state, Romney has to all but sweep the rest of the map to win the presidency. Republicans feel the most confident about North Carolina and Florida, where Romney is expected to do well, and believe they’re even with Obama or only slightly trailing in Virginia, Iowa and Colorado.

    Romney will have to carry all of those states and win Wisconsin or both New Hampshire and Nevada, three states where polls have Obama leading by comfortable margins.

    Article goes on to evaluate spending and campaign schedules. Interesting.

  • Happy birthday Sputnik I !!
  • This is nuts!!

    Michigan State Police said a motorcycle trooper saw a 28-year-old woman speeding on the ramp from I-96 to I-696. The trooper said she was driving with her knees and using both hands to text on her cell phone.

    The trooper pulled the Belleville woman over and cited her for speeding and texting while driving. She was traveling at about 82 miles an hour.

    Jeeze lady.

  • I can’t tell you how happy I am to see that Snyder is likely to veto HB 5225.
  • Speaking of HB 5225, here’s my segment on the issue, on First Shift with Tony Trupiano.

  • Michigan unemployment rates by labor markets. August compared to July.
  • Michigan-08 – Lance Enderle can win! Lance has some momentum in his ground game.
Census Daily

Profile America — October 4th. On this date in 1974, Dave Kunst was just a day’s walk from his hometown of Waseca, Minnesota, to complete the first trek around the earth’s land mass on foot. The story began in June 1970, as Dave and his brother John set off on the ambitious journey, leading a pack mule named Willie Makeit. Bandits in Afghanistan shot the brothers, killing John and wounding Dave. After four months healing, Dave picked up the journey once again at the exact spot of the shooting. The completed walk covered 14,450 miles and was the first verified trip of its kind. In the U.S., nearly 31 million people enjoy hiking each year, but on much shorter trips than that of Dave Kunst.

Ever wonder why they think that way???

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  1. Snarky Anderson says:

    I figured out why Obama turned in such a bad performance in last night’s debate. Turns out his debate coach was Danny Crossman, special teams coach for the Detroit “Lions”.

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