A Picture Says a Thousand Words… Michigan Poverty Up, Incomes Down, Business Taxes… WAY DOWN

A picture says a thousand words about thousands of fellow Michiganders… the poor and impoverished have less – a lot less.

READ the FULL article from the Michigan League of Human Services entitled “Poverty up, income down, fewer uninsured” on Michigan’s 2011 stats.

Also re-read this classic “Historic tax shift hits low-income families 1,000 times harder: Top 1 percent of wealthiest households pay a pittance on average” (February 2012).

Yeah Nerd boy, you & your GOP policies are great for you and your greedy business buddies, but they are killing the rest of us, particularly those the least among us. Trickle a tear for them.

It is a crime for a citizen to shrink from service to one's society. Contact thru Kos or DU messaging.
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