Notes from the MDP progressive blogger caucus

We had a great time yesterday at the MDP Progressive Blogger Caucus meeting. Thank you Mark Brewer & staff for putting us on the agenda and getting us a room.

The caucus turnout was about what I expected; we had between 20 – 30 people there most of the time, with many people coming & going throughout the meeting. Here’s a quick summary …

We were joined by Representative Jeff Irwin, and Senator Bert Johnson‘s Legislative Director Andrew (Andy) Mutavdzija. We also had Dave Curson and some representatives from Bridget Mary McCormack‘s staff. Mark Bernstein spent some quality time with us, discussing his run for U of M Regent. There were a few people there to speak about the ballot issues.

We wanted an informal and comfortable group meeting, so we pulled the chairs together in a circle and let the conversation roll. We loosely followed the agenda, but for the most part we just talked. The outcomes are over the fold …

  • We agreed that the term “blogger” applies to online activists who may not have a traditional blog. Facebook users, commenters, forumers, photographers, talkers, etc., all may be considered bloggers. The term “netroots” may be better language, but we are moving forward using the term “bloggers.”
  • We agreed to pursue a formal caucus organization within the Michigan Democratic Party.
  • While pursuing formal organization, as a group we will continue to meet and refine our goals.

I have two specific visions for the caucus:

  • To secure certain internet and privacy rights within the party platform
  • To encourage and possibly help the MDP develop a technology arm that better connects the county organizations

I’m sure we will come to a collective vision as the group matures, but for now that’s where we’re at.

We’re going to be holding online meetings in order to move the group forward. If you are interested in getting involved, please email me at

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