Come to the Justice Caucus’ “Supreme Challenge” this Saturday

I’ve written about this year’s Michigan Supreme Court [MSC] race before, and will again. Everybody reading this should already know how important the MSC is, and how it does not get nearly enough attention by most voters.

If you are coming to the MDP Convention this weekend, please come to the Justice Caucus’ program to learn how you can help elect three wonderful candidates. JC always has a great program. You will not hear just a string of candidates for Drain Commissioner following each other in a dreary procession to the podium. Our program is tightly focused on why the MSC is the worst in the nation (yes, it really is — come find out why), how our three great candidates are the solution, and how we are going to get them elected!

Justice Caucus Supreme Challenge Program
Michigan Democratic Party Convention, Sept. 8 2012, 10 AM
Lansing Center, Lansing, MI

What’s the problem with the Michigan Supreme Court?
10:10 Welcome and Introduction: Paul Stevenson, Caucus Co-Chair
Join the Supreme Challenge
10:15 Preview of “Supreme Court 102″ video, featuring Justice Alton Thomas Davis
Join the Supreme Challenge
10:25 “That’s the Worst” Game Show featuring decisions of the Republican Majority on the Michigan Supreme Court. You’ll be amazed! You’ll be revolted!
Join the Supreme Challenge

What’s the solution?
10:40 “The Three Supremes” video
10:42 Hear our three great Supreme Court candidates: Judge Shelia Johnson, Judge Connie Marie Kelley, Prof. Bridget Mary McCormack

How can you help?
11:07 Overview of Supreme Challenge 2012 by Director Tracy Jensen
Join the Supreme Challenge
11:13 “How to speak like a train is coming” by Caucus Co-Chair Dr. Jim Kruer
11:19 “What to expect when you knock on a door”: Role Plays with Jim Kruer and Mark Miller
Join the Supreme Challenge
11:26 Closing Songs

(Note: Times may vary)

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