Michigan Dems Progressive Blogger Caucus – Tentative Agenda

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Hello Kossaks, blog buddies, lurkers, and everyone else.  I have some updates on the MDP Progressive Blogger Caucus.

The caucus takes place at the 2012 Michigan Democratic Party Convention.  Details of the convention are here.  DK diary on the caucus here, and the Facebook event is here.

I’m pleased to announce that Senator Bert Johnson will be joining us at around 9:30 to address the caucus.  Senator Johnson (@senbertjohnson on Twitter) recently published his first blog post here at DKos Michigan:  GOP Uses Divide and Conquer Strategy to Protect Corporate Profits.

We have a tentative agenda as follows:

*Political blogging – a new definition
*Supporting each other – discussion + sharing of resources
*Supporting our candidates and legislators – discussion on collaboration, coordinated messaging
*Building partnerships outside of the progressivesphere – non-profits, labor, talk-radio, reporters, legislative staffers, etc.

This is still open for discussion so feel free to add any ideas you have.  I hope to see you there!

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