#bolgerschmidtfraud – Brewer was an easy scapegoat

Let’s be honest here, Mark Brewer is an easy guy to hate. For so many reasons. He is the face of the party, he does things that are unpopular, and we have taken a bollocking on a lot of elections. So for those reasons and more, he’s an easy dude to blame for all kinds of schmidt.* It takes a lot of talent to get someone to give Mark Brewer the benefit of the doubt on anything. But wow do Jase Bolger and Roy Schmidt have that talent.

If you recall, Schmidt tried to screw us Democrats by switching parties at the last minute, issuing this statement:

Serving as a state representative isn’t about a party, it isn’t about politics – it’s about doing what is best for Grand Rapids. After careful consideration, I have decided to run for reelection to the Michigan House of Representatives as a Republican. My ideals, my priorities and who I am remain the same. I am a moderate dedicated as ever to representing the people of Grand Rapids, and will always fight for improving education, public safety and protecting children.

I believe I was sent to Lansing to serve the people of Grand Rapids, not political bosses. The simple truth is, extreme Democrat party bosses like Mark Brewer are unwilling to listen to ideas or accept my positions on issues that matter to me and Grand Rapids.

Michigan is leading the nation in economic recovery, but we have a lot of work to do, and I want to be part of the team that is focused on making a positive impact. I will be working for Grand Rapids, not partisan politics.

Emphasis mine.

I called BS on that Mark Brewer schmidt* right away. Here’s my Blog Role segment from May 21:

Oh I’m sure that Schmidt had a child-like need to bite Mark Brewer in the ass, but I figured it was based not on something that Brewer did, but on something that Brewer refused to do. Schmidt wanted something, and I was guessing that he wanted Brewer’s support for State Senator. I wasn’t sure what it was, but I knew it wasn’t some good-hearted intention to better serve the people of GR.

Turns out it wasn’t State Senator, it was Mayor. But I was right about everything else, so there.

Ok, back on topic. Schmidt blames Brewer. Then all schmidt*** breaks out and people start to unravel the #bolgerschmidtfraud.

And then Jase Bolger goes on to “apologize” and he gives us this line ..

.. he got scared of what the Democrats were going to do .. it’s hard to leave a boss ..

Here’s the full interview:

Again, the blame on Brewer.

Sound like a strategy? That’s because it was.

From a recent MLive article:

“Now u don’t need him,” Bolger wrote. “I don’t want u to do anything u r uncomfortable with, so no worries on talking about ur (Democratic) caucus…In fact, might b good to say they’re good people; several wld like to work together in bipartisan way but Brewer won’t tolerate.

“Brewer extreme and intolerant of differing views, especially religious ones like Right to Life.”

The Speaker continues that Schmidt’s move empowers Democrats to move away from Brewer.

But on May 20, the messages resume and seek to keep the focus on Brewer, not the scheme.

The men, who began working together in late April or early May, would later admit they acted in concert and lied to the public for nearly two months.

Since then the Democrats have been keeping the pressure on to investigate the #bolgerschmidtfraud and possible perjury. Most recently with the Democrats requesting a one-person grand jury to investigate the allegations of perjury and conspiracy.

All this to take a bit out of Mark Brewer’s ass. Which leads me to wonder, Roy Schmidt, how does Mark’s ass taste now?

*I’m using the word “schmidt” instead of the 4 letter word, because, why not?
**Figured I’d use the word “schmidt” in place of the f-bomb too.
***h-e-double hockey sticks.

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  1. Snarky Anderson says:

    Brewer is atrocious, but he’s a symptom of an even worse disease. The Michigan Democratic Party is like the Soviet Politburo during the Brezhnev era: male, aging, inbred, insular, and resistant to change. And we all know what happened to the USSR under the Politburo’s misrule.

    I let my MDP membership lapse, and didn’t run for precinct delegate this year. The party is beyond redemption.

    • Well that’s why this whole “blame Brewer” scheme had a shot of working: Brewer and the party apparatus are unpopular in a lot of places. Bolger & Schmidt just overplayed the hand.

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