#bolgerschmidtfraud – Lisa Posthumus Lyons planned to use tax dollars to protect Roy Schmidt from ‘angry Democrats’

Oh for crying out loud. Everytime the Republicans do something dumb they blame it on angry teachers, angry public workers, angry gays, etc. This time it’s just the generic ‘angry Democrats’ that Lisa Succubus Posthumus Lyons blames for her irresponsible use of tax dollars in #bolgerschmidtfraud.

Lisa Lyin’s role in #bolgerschmidfraud came to light recently, when the text messages and other information from the MSP investigation were released to the public. She claims to have been involved only after the fact, and that she was just trying to help out her friend Jase Bolger. Turns out she’s a good friend indeed.

Lyons, R-Alto, also offered to have her husband, Brad, a Kent County corrections officer, call in sick and stop by Schmidt’s Grand Rapids home to provide security. In a later text message, Lyons told Schmidt her husband was arranging to have a Grand Rapids Police Department patrol car pass by his home on Van Ess “a few times” that night.

A Grand Rapids police spokesman said Monday the department had no record of ever visiting Schmidt’s home or sending a patrol car to monitor his residence on May 15.

In an interview Monday, Lyons said she was concerned about her friend Schmidt’s safety, knowing he had angered Democratic Party loyalists by his last-minute defection.

“I knew there would be a lot of people angry, especially since he singled out (Michigan Democratic Party chairman) Mark Brewer,” Lyons told The Detroit News. “I just wanted to make sure nobody vandalized his place or caused him any harm.”

I actually don’t object to having the police patrol the areas where elected officials live. They should do that anyway. And anyone who knows a police officer knows that it’s possible to get a patrol car out to a house without having a record of it.

But do you suppose Lisa’s husband Brad gets paid time off for sick leave? Would those be taxpayer dollars paying for his day off, in which he acts as the personal guard for the new Republican?

Hey I don’t mind paid sick leave, but the hypocrisy of people like Lisa Lyin’s Posthumus just never ends. Didn’t she just sponsor legislation that makes it a crime to lie to a peace officer? And here she is encouraging her husband to use deception with the corrections department in order to act as Schmidt’s personal bodyguard. And her excuse is “Mark Brewer.”

Grow up, GOP.

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  1. Lisa is hot !

  2. gene hayhoe says:

    LOL; ‘until the mouth opens.’ Then, ‘gross.’

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