Ruth Johnson succeeds in obstructing justice in #bolgerschmidtfraud

Do we even have a legitimate government anymore?

Gongwer reports that

Kent County Prosecutor William Forsyth said this morning he will not reopen the investigation into the election scheme in the 76th House District that House Speaker Jase Bolger and Rep. Roy Schmidt worked up together.

Mr. Forsyth, in an interview with Gongwer News Service, said the investigator’s comment in the warrant was mostly a legal formality because law enforcement must have probable cause that a crime has been committed to obtain a search warrant.

Mr. Forsyth also took issue with the idea that he shut down the investigation early, saying it had been going on for two months and the primary election was coming up soon. He had been unavailable to comment last week to respond to calls from Democrats and others that he reopen his investigation.

“Voters had a right to know what had happened before they went to the polls,” he said.

If he had not released his report when he did, he said Winnie Brinks, the Democrats’ preferred write-in candidate would not have had the enthusiasm she had at the polls, and Bing Goei would not have run and almost beat Mr. Schmidt as a write-in candidate on the Republican side.

“I felt this important to get this out there,” he said, adding it wouldn’t have been fair to the public to have this come out in September or October.

Emphasis mine.

But why the emphasis, you ask?

From Gongwer’s earlier work,

According to the State Police report, the Department of State never gave investigators the video, but the report states that a Department of State investigator said the request for it had “stirred up a bee’s nest in the SOS administration.”

Jase Bolger must be so pleased with his partner in crime.

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