Gary Glenn of American Family Association of Michigan Congratulates Rochester Hills City Council

Today a group identified as the American Family Association of Michigan, headed by former U.S. Senate candidate, Gary Glenn, sent out a robocall to Rochester Hills residents urging them to thank State Representative Tom McMillin and the Rochester Hills City Council for “saying no to a small group of homosexual activists who tried to bully the council into adopting a discriminatory, special rights ordinance. This ordinance would have discriminated against and punished community groups such as the Boy Scouts, Catholic Charities, The Salvation Army, Christian daycare owners and other businesses and people of faith who refuse to endorse homosexual behavior or the political agenda that seeks to promote it. “

“Please also join us in thanking State Representative Tom McMillin for working in Lansing to try to stop these kinds of discriminatory ordinances statewide.”

Tom Mcmillin is being opposed in the race for the 45th House District of Michigan by Joanna VanRaaphorst.  If you would like to help her campaign, visit


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