Michigan primary election results – US Senate and US House of Representatives

Michigan August 2012 primary election results – US Senate and US House of Representatives

  • Hoekstra defeats Durant, etc. for the opportunity to lose to Debbie Stabenow in November. Not much question in the results:
    Clark Durant Gary Glenn Randy Hekman Pete Hoekstra Debbie Stabenow
    217,457 36,128 45,299 357,186 397,613

    Stabenow (inc) v Hoekstra in November

  • Congressional District 1 – No primary contest here, Dan Benishek pulled in 64,423, Gary McDowell pulled in 35,877.
  • Congressional District 2 – No contest here at all – Bill Huizenga (R) with 58,026
  • Congressional District 3 – Some action here:
    Justin Amash (R) Steve Petska Trevor Thomas
    51,098 13,408 9,373

    Amash (inc) v Petska in November

  • Congressional District 4 – No primary contest here, Dave Camp (inc) over Debra Wirth, 67,027 to 20,526.
  • Congressional District 5 – I think we can be confident that Dan Kildee will be taking his uncle’s place in Congress:
    Jim Slezak (R) Tom Wassa (R) Dan Kildee
    16,929 9,567 51,572

    Kildee v Slezak in November, no incumbent

  • Congressional District 6
    Jack Hoogendyk (R) Fred Upton (R) Mike O’Brien
    17,561 34,581 10,711

    Upton (inc) v O’Brien in November

  • Congressional District 7
    Dan Davis (R) Tim Walberg (R) Kurt Haskell Ruben Marquez
    14,378 45,590 18,811 9,571

    Walberg (inc) v Haskell in November

  • Congressional District 8
    Brian Hetrick (R) Vernon Molnar (R) Mike Rogers (R) Lance Enderle
    6,098 3,296 56,060 29,314

    Rogers (inc) v Enderle in November

  • Congressional District 9
    Gregory Dildilian (R) Don Volaric (R) Sander Levin
    15,284 24,519 55,199

    Levin (inc) v Volaric in November

  • Congressional District 10
    Candice Miller (R) Jerome Quinn Chuck Stadler
    68,309 10,066 13,780

    Miller (inc) v Stadler in November

  • Congressional District 11 (The Thad McCotter FUBAR)
    Kerry Bentivolio (R) Nancy Cassis (Write-In – R) William Roberts Syed Taj
    29,129 ? (sorry) 10,159 12,174

    Bentivolio v Taj in November, no incumbent

    Gongwer reports:

    Bentivolio Crushes Cassis Write-In Effort

    The support of local Republican leadership for her write-in bid was nowhere near enough for former Sen. Nancy Cassis to overcome Kerry Bentivolio’s position as the only candidate on the ballot as he defeated her in a landslide.

    Ms. Cassis was not even able to generate a strong win in her home community as she trailed Mr. Bentivolio with only 34 percent of the vote to his 66 percent, the entire vote counted. She won only a handful of precincts in her hometown of Novi, but Mr. Bentivolio even won several precincts there.

    Republican political consultant Tom Shields of Marketing Resource Group said the big question is how much money the GOP decides to invest into Mr. Bentivolio’s campaign when he very well could be a one-term member of Congress given an expected primary challenge in 2014.

    “That’ll be very interesting to see how much they put in to try to save that seat. And I think that’s in the back of their mind,” he said. “On the surface, they’ll certainly embrace him, but the proof will certainly be in the amount of dollars that flows into the campaign.”

  • Congressional District 12
    Harry Sawicki (R) Cynthia Kallgren (R) John Dingell Daniel Marcin
    8,464 12,028 41,114 11,226

    The Republican Kallgren – Jacobsen primary was close; 358 votes made the difference.

    Dingell (inc) v Kallgren in November

  • Congressional District 13
    Harry Sawicki (R) Glenn Anderson John Conyers Jr John Goci Shanelle Jackson Bert Johnson
    8,464 12,585 38,357 2,664 8,695 6,922

    Conyers (inc) v Sawicki in November

  • Congressional District 14
    John Hauler (R) Hansen Clarke Bob Costello Brenda Lawrence Gary Peters Mary Waters
    17,690 30,848 1,027 11,650 41,233 2,920

    Peters (inc) v Hauler in November

The links lead to the MI Secretary of State election site, where you can find updated numbers and eventually the official results. Right now these are unofficial results from the state and they are subject to change.

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    Voters in Wayne, Oakland, and Macomb Counties approved a millage to keep the Detroit Institute of Arts open. Admission to the museum is now free for residents of those counties.


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