Not Quite ‘Tinfoil Hat Society’

I’m sitting here tonight reading some very old postings I wrote a few years ago. My views and thoughts have not changed, particularly in this election year. My life is quiet, because I prefer it to be that way. However, I am scared.

Fear. It’s a visceral word. It immediately evokes a response. The reaction may not always be positive, but it is still a reaction nonetheless.

I am growing more and more afraid of the elected officials who are tacitly in charge of my life. There are men and women holding power over everything I may do or say in the nebulous future… which may not be quite as far off as I like to pretend. My government is making some very scary decisions in light of ‘protecting’ me.

One of the current battles is, of course, the rights of an unborn fetus. However, that is not truly what is at stake. This is not about abortion. It is about controlling half of the American population, and taking away their RIGHT to choose how to care for their bodies. I am scared because a group of people who have never met me, will never meet me, and likely have no desire to meet me are attempting to decide what I may or may not do with my own bodily functions. The government should not be in my, or any other woman’s, uterus. To coin a phrase, ‘my body, my decision’!

Another battle currently being waged is again over gun control. I have friends and family in both camps. It’s a difficult decision on one hand; on the other it is truly not a decision at all. Do I personally own a firearm? No, nor have I ever shot one. This is my decision, and one I chose to make several years ago. Am I going to tell my neighbors, family, and friends they do not have the right to own one… or more? Absolutely not. A firearm is simply a tool, it is neither good nor evil. It has no more emotion or intent than my keyboard.

Thirdly is the ability to marry a consenting adult of your choice. When my parents were children, it was for the ability to marry a consenting adult of another race; now it is to be able to wed a consenting adult of the same gender. For some reason, the thought of two consenting adults falling in love and wanting to get married is a threat.

Personally, I am of the opinion these issues have been thrust into the forefront of the voting minds to cloud other deeper problems which need to be solved. Not that these can be ignored, of course. Failing to address these platforms will only allow them to be pushed through, and we will have taken a dozen giant strides backwards.

It is a very sad state of affairs when an average citizen is openly admitting she is afraid of her government. But, I am. Further, I am very worried about where our future may be leading us. This is not a political statement; I have made it very clear over the years that I am not a political person. This has nothing to do with Republicans or Democrats, not truly. This has everything to do with a growing trend in our nation towards ultra-conservatism.

Today I can still make some decisions in my life. Tomorrow my religious freedoms may be next.

I am very afraid.

I am a writer, a student, a teacher, a philosopher, a parent, a child. All of these components have been essential in creating the woman writing to you today. Everyone has a purpose in life, be it huge or minor. We all have a role to play. Mine is to help others along the way, regardless of the Path they are called to follow. My students come to me of their own will, adapt my teachings to their own experiences and move on when they are ready. To my thoughts, this is exactly as it should be.
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  1. Great to see you back Soapie!

  2. ArchTeryx says:

    What’s really scary to me isn’t so much government, though the right-wing tosh eminating from places like the House of Representatives is pretty scary.

    It’s corporations and the rich. They’ve more or less been given the power to determine whether you starve or live, they get more capricious and greedy every year, and more and more constraints, legal and otherwise, have been lifted off them every year.

    To them, we’re just all grist for their mill.

  3. thanks Christine. not real sure how ‘back’ i am, probably just gonna pop in and spout occasionally.

    ArchTeryx, the little people have always been tools for the wealthy regardless the political structure in place. i am a little person, which doesn’t always bother me. i get irked when i’m seeing the needs of the few gaining greater weight than the needs of the majority. the issues i’ve cited here have no real purpose in a boardroom because they are humanity problems….. and in many ways, religious problems. and trust me, you don’t want me on the religion soapbox.

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