Tom McMillin Just Doesn’t Get It

On Monday, July 16, at the Rochester City Hall, State Representative Tom McMillin held a town hall meeting and took questions from constituents.  I have to wonder though exactly who McMillin is representing.  One woman, a former teacher who is living on a pension and is now having that pension taxed, thanks to the Republican legislature, complained bitterly about the unfairness of the pension tax only applying to people who were born before 1946.  She will be taking an extra $140 hit per month on her income, thanks to that tax.  The tax she’s paying will be redistributed up the income chain to wealth individuals and corporations.

McMillin still considers it a tax cut though, since the state will be bringing in less revenue, which he considers to be a good thing.  McMillin reminds voters all the time that he is a CPA and therefore he is best equipped to help steer the state’s economy.  One has to wonder if  Tom is even qualified to handle his own finances, much less the state’s with thinking like that.

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