Recap: Protest Against Romney and His Proposed Policies

Last week, we traveled around Michigan while Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney went on a bus tour through the state. Hundreds of our supporters loaded up buses to Troy, Dewitt, Frankenmuth and Holland to protest against Romney’s business practices and show their disdain for his proposed policies.

WATCH: In Dewitt, Mich., Good Jobs Now activists make their voices heard.

“Mitt Romney and the Republicans’ philosophy is an agenda that is not conducive to the 99%,” said Elmarie Dixon, a Good Jobs Now supporter.

Here are the facts:

Romney has made millions off of a company that buys businesses only to shut them down and send them overseas.
When that doesn’t work, these businesses are then loaded up with debt. The debt is repaid through laying off workers and restructuring the remain jobs into low-wage positions.
These low-wage jobs only pay $7.25 an hour–amounting to $15,000 a year. Annually, this is $7,000 below the national poverty level.
Romney embraced the Ryan Act, which would do away with social security and Medicaid. Removing these options hurt our senior citizens the most.
Based on tax loopholes, Romney pays a fraction of the tax rate when compared with the average working person.

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