Not Safe For Work! Michigan Compiled Laws that reference icky girl parts

Rep Lisa Brown was on with Tony Trupiano yesterday and she mentioned that there are 3 MCLs that include the word vagina or vaginal. Here they are:

For your reference.

You’re welcome.

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  1. St. Jimmy says:

    Well I, for one, am outraged that the state of Michigan would use the phrase “penal code”. I do not need a code. I simply call it “winkie”, “purple-headed warrior” or “daddy long stocking”.


  2. Hector Solon says:

    238 is the number of times the term “vagina” appears on official web pages, and as a reference “penis” appears 227 times. References in official Michigan government documents for those and similar terms must to be well into the thousands.

    Bit of a genitalia gap on term use, but you know what? The way men have messed up this state lately, I hope most “men” stay home in November or the “men” get thrown out, the Dem women are continuously there are the front of the pack fighting GOP/Tea Party/Mackinac idiots. You go girls.

    Can’t wait for the Vagina Monologues on Monday June 18, 6PM at the Capitol in Lansing. B.Y.O.V.

    Twitter fight on #vaginamovielines still going full bore, hope people add more #GOP and #MIGOP tags.

    The irony is this coverage in the Michigan media is covering that and this single event more than they ever informed anyone about all the changes and impacts these “most radical” bills in country will have, far and beyond just reproductive rights, but information and services people need, but don’t like to admit.

    State Rep Lisa Posthumus Lyons (Dick Posthumus’ Lisa) (R – Alto, MI District 86) attempt to long after the fact (on Channel 7 by phone last night) imply there was a “rape reference” at all is another huge irony when the level of real rapes, sexual harassment and workplace discrimination in this state and several MI cities are horrendously high. Solve those women’s issues GOP, that’s what government is for, do your flippin’ job, or see a bunch voters (more of them with vaginas, than not BTW) flippin’ someone else levers come November.

  3. Well, Michigan is not the only state that uses *** words, buא it’s definitely entertaining (and not so safe) :)

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