Michigan House Republicans attack women’s health

Michigan House Republicans are using their majority while they still have it to push, at lightning speed, a package of bills that the ACLU of Michigan and Planned Parenthood of Michigan are calling “The biggest assault on women’s health in our state’s history.”

The House Health Policy Committee is taking up House Bills 5711-5713 at 9 a.m. Thursday, June 7 in Room 519 of the House Office Building in Lansing. The anti-choice bills amount to a back door ban on legalized abortion. According to Planned Parenthood, the package will completely shut down all abortion providers by instituting targeted, harmful, and medically unnecessary regulation on health centers that provide abortion services.

The legislation is also a blatant attack on physician’s ability to practice medicine. Under these bills, doctors would be forced to go against their best medical knowledge when providing services to patients. It allows medicine to be dictated by politics, not by science.

Even more surprising, the bills were only introduced on May 31, and the committee is taking up the bills just one week later. That is mega speed in Lansing. In fact, the bills did not even give the nonpartisan House Fiscal Agency time to do a required analysis of the bills.

Both the ACLU and Planned Parenthood are asking people to contact their State Representative to voice their opposition to this overreach, as well as to show up for the hearing tomorrow. The committee meeting – like all legislative committee meetings – is open to the public, and you can testify by filing out a card; or you can just fill out a card to say you are against the bills.

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  1. Absolutely outrageous. The republicans are cutting their own throats by creating an environment of intense dislike of the party’s ideals. Perhaps they will be voted out this next election and take the opportunity to reconsider their extremism.

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