Tuesday briefing and open thread

  • Today I’d like to start with the 3 most recent clips from Current TV. Cent & TYT:

    Prosecutors told Gov. Walker he is a target of investigation, cannot be cleared before recall election, Shuster says

    Correspondent David Shuster reports live from Wisconsin about the possibility that Gov. Scott Walker could be indicted in a long-running investigation of possible embezzlement and corruption among his staff, even if he is not recalled by voters this week.

    “Walker and his staff stonewalled the investigation early on,” Shuster says, and the FBI got involved. “Scott Walker and his legal team have been asking to be cleared by the Justice Department for the last five or six weeks,” which guidelines would generally require for a public official in the midst of an election. “The prosecutors have repeatedly said no, and I’m told that at least a week and a half ago, they said the reason we are not going to give you that cover is that you are a target of the investigation who may be indicted.”

  • And now Viewpoint with Elliot Spitzer:

    Will workers fight the GOP’s anti-union ‘power play’ by uniting to recall Scott Walker?

    Lee Saunders, secretary-treasurer of the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME) and author of “The Main Street Moment: Fighting Back to Save the American Dream,” joins “Viewpoint” host Eliot Spitzer to describe ASCME’s efforts to get out the vote in the fight to recall Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker on Tuesday, June 5.

    Spitzer asks how the Republican Party has veered so far to the right on the issue of unions and labor organization. “I think they’re just being controlled by folks that don’t live on the same planet that we live on,” replies Saunders. “This is a power play, pure and simple. They want more wealth, they want more power and they want to take it away from the 99 percent who are trying to play by the rules.”

  • And Jennifer:

    Crowell: Last minute efforts will make all the difference in Wisconsin recall

    Kristen Crowell, executive director of We Are Wisconsin, talks with Jennifer Granholm about last minute efforts to get out the vote during the recall election of Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker. Crowell says that over 36 thousand volunteers are going door-to-door in their neighborhoods making sure people have a plan to vote.

  • Here’s a great article from David Kolb: David Kolb: Taking back Lansing is Democrats’ Job No. 1:

    It is a Republican dictatorship of the party, by the party and for the party that is actively keeping Democrats from exercising their lawful influence in the Legislature, even though they’re a minority.

    How is the GOP doing that?

    By passing laws with “immediate effect” provisions that by rights shouldn’t take effect for months down the road. Only a two-thirds majority in the Legislature would allow for that, and the GOP doesn’t have it.

    Nonetheless, these tin-pot dictators don’t care. And they are forging ahead with illegal implementation like the set of bullies they are.

    It’s worth clicking through and reading the whole thing.

  • It’s rare that I invoke the name of Jesus in this way, but I am otherwise at a loss for words.


    DETROIT – The medical examiner’s office has officially ruled suicide as the cause of death for a 7-year-old Detroit boy found hanging in his bedroom.

    Police sources told Local 4 the boy was being bullied at school, constantly teased because he was the only boy in his home. Sources also said the 7-year-old was depressed over the recent separation of his parents.

  • And finally, the “Michigan Truth Squad” is calling foul on Senator Whitmer for this May 22 floor speach on the amendment to repeal the Republican income tax on pensions:

    The squad calls a foul because Senator Whitmer uses statements like “This is one of the largest tax increases in Michigan’s history and it was placed on those who can least afford it.” Here’s their reasoning:

    Whitmer probably is correct in saying the pension tax is “one of the largest tax increases” in the state’s history. But ranking the size of tax increases is tricky because of the impact of inflation and other factors, said Craig Thiel, director of state affairs at the Citizens Research Council of Michigan.

    So in other words, she’s probably right, but this is a hard topic.


Census Daily

Tuesday, June 5th. Can you imagine a popular movie actor today who doesn’t smoke, drink, swear, never kisses a girl and never throws the first punch? Such a character was Hopalong Cassidy, played by William Boyd whose birthday is observed today. He first saddled up as a hero in 1935 and made a total of 66 western movies. At one point, Boyd was so popular he was asked to play the part of Moses in “The Ten Commandments.” He turned down the role, fearing it would hurt the Hopalong Cassidy image. That popularity carried over into the early days of television. Today, there are 152,000 producers and directors creating motion pictures and television shows, where much more than a kiss is allowed on the screen.

Solidarity forever, brothers and sisters!!!

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