Voter ID Laws Are An Attack on Democracy


On May 22, 2012, the Michigan House Redistricting and Elections Committee voted to approve Senate bills 751, 754 and 803, which would make it harder for people to vote. The proposed laws would require registered voters to provide two forms of identification (or birth certificate) when hitting the ballot box. It would also create all types of loopholes for organizations who hold voter registration drives.

As a result, more than 622,000 voters could miss their chance to let their voices be heard come November 6. These measures were created by Republican lawmakers who claim it’s a way to combat voter fraud. However, research has shown that voter fraud is a rare instance. Instead of combating a problem, it’s only creating one. In fact, these measures only disenfranchises Michigan’s minorities, seniors and young adults.

This is all driven by politics, not the people, which makes this all the more unjust. It is a clear tactic by Michigan’s Republican party to prevent President Obama from being re-elected. It is a political attack on America’s working and middle-class, who want the rich to pay their fair share. It is a fight they will not win. When one voice is silenced, we are ALL silenced.

How can you take action? Sign our petition against voter suppression and follow us on Twitter. Check out this video of Good Jobs Now activists at the House Committee Meeting.

What impact would voter ID laws in Michigan have on voters?

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