Thursday briefing and open thread

  • First up, Beer with Bloggers! Tonight!

    From Eclectablog’s most recent write up on it ..

    Here’s our current list of confirmed bloggers:

    As I mentioned before, progressive radio talk show host Tony Trupiano from First Shift with Tony Trupiano on 1310 AM WDTW will be joining us.

    Other confirmed attendees are:

    Event co-organizer and super-blogger from Ypsilanti Mark Maynard from
    Anne Savage from The Savage Feast and Politics in Pictures (aka, my wife)
    LOLGOP of the whole internet
    Christine Barry from Blogging for Michigan
    Linda Yohn, on-air host for the Jazz with Linda Yohn on 89.1 FM WEMU
    Ben Connor Barrie from Damn Arbor
    Bruce Fealk from the Rochester Citizen
    Elizabeth Palmer from Wits and Vinegar
    Charles Gaba (aka “Brainwrap) from Daily Kos, Michigan Liberal and Blogging for Michigan
    Leslie Sobel from Painting With Fire
    Steven Krause from and
    Patti Smith from The Palate of Patti
    Whitney Rae of The Creationista
    Vinnie Massimino of T EE Vincent Massimino
    Richard Murphy of Common Monkeyflower
    Amanda Topping from The Urban Homesteader

    We hope to see you there!

  • More from Eclectablog, this time on the Michigan Rising efforts:

    Michigan Rising, the group working to recall Michigan Governor Rick Snyder, has hit the ground running. According to spokesperson Bruce Fealk, the group already has tens of thousands of petitions in the field in the first few weeks of their signature-gathering drive.

    As of this week they have distributed more than 50,000 petitions in 57 of Michigan’s 83 counties.

    MR has 8 permanent signing locations and will have a booth at Motor City Pridefest this weekend.

  • Could Hoekstra be a bigger d-bag?

    When asked about Obama’s birthplace, Hoekstra said he wanted to see a three-person governmental panel check candidates’ legal credentials to be president. The footage was first obtained by The Hill.

    “At any future election someone would have to walk into that office and prove that they meet the minimum qualifications to be president of the United States,” he said, suggesting “an FBI person, maybe a CIA person and one person managing those two people” to run the proposed department.

    Well to answer my own question, yes he could be, and he’ll probably demonstrate that repeatedly through the campaign. But do you think he’s even running for Senate anymore? Or do you think he’s just pandering now, raising money, getting his name out there, for what will ultimately become a very successful career in the Glenn Beck talk circuit?

    The most interesting thing about this was not that Hoekstra went birther-apologetic, but that he blamed John McCain:

    “I think with this president the book is closed … I hate to say it, but I think the debate’s over,” he said. “We lost that debate in 2008 when our presidential nominee said, ‘I ain’t talking about it’ … I’d love to give you the answer and say that I’m going to fight it, we’re going to beat it and we’re going to win it. I think it wasn’t fought and we lost it.”

    Which I think demonstrates the point that these people simply cannot deal with facts, even when presented by their own allies. The Mackinac Center could verify that President Obama was born in Hawaii and these nuts would say “that damn liberal Mackinac Center.”

    (ht Scotty Urbanowski from the comments yesterday)

  • The MDP has filed a complaint against a handful of folks in the Incredible Lying Schmidt incident:

    LANSING – Michigan Democratic Party Chair Mark Brewer today filed an MCFA Section 57 complaint with the Michigan Department of State alleging House Speaker Jase Bolger, Rep. Roy Schmidt, and Bolger Chief of Staff Suzanne Miller Allen violated state law. The complaint alleges the Speaker’s office used state resources and state employees to engage in illegal campaign activity.

    Bolger’s staffer, Michelle McQuiston, notarized Schmidt’s GOP affidavit as well as his Democratic candidate withdrawal form. The complaint also alleges that Bolger, Miller Allen, and Schmidt used state phones, offices, and emails to plan and execute Schmidt’s withdrawal as a Democrat and re-filing as a Republican.

    “Not only did these three apparently conspire to commit election fraud, but they also did it on state time using state resources,” Brewer said. “Republicans are using taxpayer dollars to help execute election strategy and campaign activity. The Department of State needs to investigate this matter by combing through emails and phone records to see what illegal conduct may have taken place.”

    “Republicans seem to think they’re above the law and don’t have to play by the same rules as everyone else,” added Brewer. “This deception must be exposed immediately. We expect the Department of State to thoroughly investigate this complaint.”

    Is this the dirtiest House Republican caucus in history? Putting aside things like incredibly bad policy, which is the norm for the Republicans, isn’t the Bolger House the dirtiest in Michigan history? That’s something to look into; how many lawsuits and how many complaints have been filed against Bolger and crew? Dude’s getting a reputation.

  • Well we’re probably going to get the state House back anyway this year. President Obama is holding a wide lead over Romney, as expected:

    The poll by Public Policy Polling, a Democratic-leaning firmed based in North Carolina, found Obama leading Romney 53% to 39%.

    That was little changed from the last time PPP conducted a Michigan poll in February, when Obama led 54%-38%.

    Jensen said Romney would not improve his standing here by putting Gov. Rick Snyder on the ticket either. Snyder’s own favorability has declined since February, according to the poll, from 40% favorable and 47% unfavorable to 37% favorable and 52% unfavorable.

    I’ve been saying for months, President Obama will easily take Michigan, and will give a lift to our down-ticket races. Count your days, House GOP.

  • Snyder wants people to know we’re the comeback state.

    Even as he championed the state’s turnaround, Snyder refused to take credit for it or share credit with his predecessor, former Gov. Jennifer Granholm, whose final year in office was marked by substantial job growth.

    “The whole credit question I don’t even care about because it doesn’t matter,” Snyder told MLive earlier Tuesday. “What matters are results. Whether it’s to my predecessor, to me or anybody else, in the end we just want a Michigan that’s really awesome, and we’re on a path to getting there again.”

    You know why he’s doing that? So that he 1. can create an image of a “non-political results-oriented Governor” and 2. will have more credibility when he does (falsely) claim that he’s responsible for the entire comeback. I’m just saying, it’s obvious.

    Oh, but wait:

    But as the scorecard indicated, Michigan is losing ground in knowledge economy employment, the state’s poverty rate is climbing and government continues to underinvest in education and talent.

    Remember back in the before days, when we cared about stuff like poverty and education? Pish. We’re gonna be Snyderiffic instead.

  • And let’s round things out with a bit of awesome:

    (CNN image)

    But the Web was taking no shortage of presidential potshots Wednesday over Republican candidate Mitt Romney’s new mobile app, which embarrassingly misspelled “America.”

    Yes, Internet. Welcome to AMERCIA.

    The gaffe, presumably by some poor developer hired by the campaign, appears on “With Mitt,” the campaign’s newly released iPhone app. The app invites users to photograph themselves with their choice of 14 pro-Romney slogans such as “I’m a Mom For Mitt,” “Obama Isn’t Working” and “The America We Love,” and then share them on social media.

    I downloaded the iPad app and the blooper is gone now so I can’t give you a screen shot of Romney’s Amercia. I am pleased to offer you this, in its stead:


Census Daily

Thursday, May 31st. One of the worst disasters to hit the U.S. happened on this day in 1889 — the Johnstown, Pennsylvania flood. Heavy rains burst a nearby dam forming a lake for a fishing and hunting retreat. When the dam broke, it unleashed 20 million tons of water in a giant wave that roared through Johnstown, killing more than 2,300 men, women and children, and destroying the homes of thousands more. The flood remains one of the nation’s most costly, single weather-related disasters. Flooding is a constant threat. In the years from 2000 to 2010, a total of 694 people died in floods across the U.S.

Solidarity forever, brothers and sisters!!!

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