Thursday briefing and open thread

I really can’t believe that it’s May 24 already. The year is just rollin’ by.

  • So here’s more on our plans to take back the House:

    Rep. Jeff Irwin, a caucus campaign co-chair from Ann Arbor, acknowledged that 2010 was a “horrible year” for Michigan Democrats, but said he sees a silver lining in the redistricting effort: In 2010, Democrats won every seat with at least a 48 percent Democratic voting base, and, using that criteria, party leaders have counted 59 seats on the new maps.

    “If we maintain a similar performance than we did in 2010, which is a real low-water mark … we’re on a path to the majority,” he said. “The map gives us a path to victory.”

    But political strategists say out-of-power Democrats could receive the biggest boost from something that’s out of their hands — a strong showing for Obama’s re-election bid in Michigan.

    “All (Democrats) can do from now on is cross their fingers and hope for a big Obama landslide,” Ballenger said.

    Well I call BS on that last statement. The Michigan 2020 Plan is going to resonate with voters, as will the GOP attack on teachers and unions. There are so many positives for Democrats and negatives for Republicans that we can fight a significant ground battle on all levels. President Obama’s operations should be very helpful in getting out the vote. I see sunshine, people!!!

  • So the conservatives are freaking out because House Dems would like to repeal the stand your ground law that allows people to chase & kill black boys who like skittles. Here’s the argument:

    How far does a woman have to retreat before she is raped?

    How much ground does a senior citizen have to give while thugs are demanding cash or valuables?

    Would you live in Flint without a gun to protect yourself?

    Well first of all, I have lived in Flint without a gun to protect myself, and I did just fine. But to the first 2 points, the ‘kill black boys who like skittles’ law does not encompass the entire body of law that defines legal self-defense. Conservatives have so much trouble with the grey areas. I think it’s because they’re an inferior sub-species.

  • And to prove my point that they are an inferior sub-species, they recently elected Phobe McBigot to represent them nationally. Oy.
  • Here’s JMG discussing the treason of voter suppression:

    “Efforts to suppress voting are not just selfish. They are not just short-sighted. Voter restriction laws that lead to an outcome based upon process instead of merit might be labeled — I imagine even by our Founding Fathers — as treasonous,” she wrote.

    And here’s the Republican who started the current voter suppression movement in the Republican Party:

    “Our leverage in the election, quite candidly, goes up as the voting populace goes down.”

  • And so the leading Michigan GOP blog responded not by saying that voter suppression is wrong, or by denying that voter suppression is their intent, but by promoting a Mackinac Center clip that showed that Governor Granholm supported AFSCME and should be in jail. THAT’S today’s GOP, folks! Winning the war of ideas: one angry, nonsensical screech at a time.

Census Daily

Thursday, May 24th. There are few love affairs to rival that between pets and their owners. Most pets are rewarded for their unquestioning love with shelter, food, and medical care. Usually, each pet makes several visits a year to the veterinarian for annual shots and a checkup. Of course, they also go to the vet if they get sick or hurt. The first veterinary school in the U.S. opened this week in 1879 at Iowa State College — now University — in Ames, Iowa. Today, there are nearly 44,000 veterinarians offices located around the U.S. They take care of the nation’s 72 million dogs, 82 million cats, 11 million birds and more than 7 million horses.

Solidarity forever, brothers and sisters!!!

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