Tuesday briefing and open thread

Let’s start with more on the escapades of The Incredible Lying Schmidt

  • Here’s Mark Brewer talking to Tony about this yesterday:

  • I followed Mark with some thoughts of my own.

    In short, I think Bolger made some promises of support for Schmidt in other races. State Senate is the idea I floated here, but maybe there’s something else that he’s looking at. I’m also interested in seeing if there’s any legislation that comes up that’s favorable to Schmidt, and I’m going to be looking at his campaign contributions, committee assignments, etc.

    Bruce Fealk calls in to mention his blogging Joe Knollenberg.

    If you can’t use the flash player, you can download the mp3 files here:

  • Another press release on Schmidt from the MDP,

    What was Bolger Chief of Staff Suzanne Miller Allen’s Role in Election Fraud Scheme?
    Speaker’s COS Was Involved in a Similar Scam 10 Years Ago While Working as COS for GOP Senate Leader Ken Sikkema

    LANSING – It’s all starting to unravel now for Republicans as information continues to come out about an illegal election fraud scam to put a fake Democratic candidate on the ballot in House District 76.

    “We’ve known that Speaker Jase Bolger and Representative Roy Schmidt had been secretly meeting for weeks, if not months, about the scam,” Michigan Democratic Party Chair Mark Brewer said. “But now we’re learning that Bolger’s Chief of Staff Suzanne Miller Allen may have helped to mastermind the entire plot.”

    Miller Allen was also Ken Sikkema’s Chief of Staff in 2002 when the then GOP Senate Leader was involved in a similar stunt to place fake Democrats on the ballot. Miller Allen’s role as caucus Chief of Staff in both instances raises even more questions.

    “Was this a plot 10 years in the making?” Brewer asked. “What was Miller Allen’s involvement this time? Did she help plan it? Was she the mastermind? The evidence continues to pile up that this illegal scheme had been in the works for some time. Republicans like Jase Bolger, Suzanne Miller Allen, Roy Schmidt, Pete Lund and others, need to come forward and tell the voters what they know. This illegal deception will come out at some point. They all owe it to the voters to come clean now.”

  • MSP looks at Mojzak in election fraud

    LANSING, Mich. (WOOD) – The Michigan State Police, at the request of the Kent County prosecutor, are looking into the possibility of election fraud involving Matt Mojzak’s filing to run as a Democrat in the 76th House District race.

    Mojzak filed to run as a Democrat at the same time that current seat-holder Roy Schmidt switched parties from Democrat to Republican.

    24 Hour News 8 learned Mojzak’s filing petition and Schmidt’s party switch paperwork were delivered by the same person.

    Mojzak then withdrew his name with the County Clerk’s office at 8:45 a.m. Thursday.

  • And then a follow up article – Will MSP find Mojzak election fraud?

    Minutes before the filing deadline on May 15, Mojzak filed as a Democrat to run in the 76th District. Only 8 minutes later, Schmidt filed the paperwork to become a Republican.

    Both of those petitions – according to the Kent County Clerk’s office – were filed by the same person, whose identity remains officially unidentified.

  • The House Dems look serious about getting the house back in the fall:

    The target was mentioned by Rep. Jeff Irwin of Ann Arbor, House Democratic Caucus campaign co-chairman, following a press conference Monday to announce their campaign strategy for November, when state representatives are up for re-election.

    “Theoretically the number that could be flipped is 20, but the more realistic goal is 12,” said Irwin, who wouldn’t talk about which seats they hope to capture. “There are districts in every part of the state that are in play.”

    Michigan has 110 House seats, and Republicans hold a 64-46 majority. The new redistricting plan adopted by Republicans this year gives an advantage to House Democrats, according to caucus leaders. State senators aren’t up for reelection for another two years.

    House Minority Leader Richard Hammel of Mount Morris said Democrats have a clear path to winning a majority despite losing a seat last week when Rep. Roy Schmidt of Grand Rapids defected to the GOP shortly before filing for re-election.

    Rep. Mark Meadows of East Lansing said Democrats were excited when they figured out the number of House districts where at least 48 percent of voters are Democrats increased from 47 to 59 after Republicans reapportioned districts based on the 2010 U.S. Census.

    “Democrats didn’t lose a single seat in 2010 (in districts) where we had 48 percent,” said Rep. Mark Meadows of East Lansing. “We can expect to see a Democratic majority in the House next year.”

I don’t know about anyone else, but Schmidt has really motivated me to help flip the house. If that guy gets re-elected, I want him in the minority.

Census Daily

Profile America — Tuesday, May 22nd. This is National Maritime Day, noted annually by presidential proclamation. The date chosen celebrates the day in 1819 when the SS Savannah completed the first transatlantic crossing by a steam ship. The first Maritime Day was created by Congress in 1933 to honor the U.S. Merchant Marine, civilians who have defended the freedom of America since 1775. Their exploits include the largest sealift the world has even known during World War II. More than 2.2 billion tons of commerce arrive and leave the U.S. each year. Los Angeles handles more container cargo than any other port in the U.S.

Solidarity forever, brothers and sisters!!!

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