Monday briefing and open thread

I’m just going to call this “The ‘Incredible Lying Schmidt’ Edition”

  • First up, the latest MDP release on The Incredible Lying Schmidt:

    We know from various reports, including a Roy Schmidt television interview with WZZM on May 16th, that Bolger and Schmidt spoke for weeks, if not months, about Schmidt’s party switch. We also know that a member of Bolger’s staff, Michelle McQuiston, notarized Schmidt’s Republican candidate affidavit.

    Further, Bolger has admitted that he arranged to have Schmidt’s affidavit filed just minutes before the filing deadline on Tuesday. We also know from press reports, including WOOD-TV in Grand Rapids, that the same person who turned in Schmidt’s affidavit also turned in Matt Mojzak’s perjured affidavit. Mojzak is the fake Democratic candidate who has since withdrawn from the race.

    Just, wow.

  • And a piece by Michigan Radio on the offer that the Incredible Lying Schmidt could not refuse:

    This was a weeks-long project personally led by Republican House Speaker Jase Bolger who negotiated with Schmidt, first by phone, than it culminated in a meeting Monday night at Bolger’s home. Schmidt says it was the attraction of working in the majority, and he felt Democrats weren’t getting things done. He says it wasn’t a big flip for him to go from being a moderate Democrat to a moderate Republican.

    Kind of a big flip for his constituents though, and the people who were giving him money …

  • Meanwhile the Incredibly Lying Schmidt’s sidekick has quit:

    GRAND RAPIDS, MI – The 22-year-old bodybuilder and GNC nutrition store manager who filed as a Democratic candidate for the 76th District state House seat Tuesday – at the same time incumbent state Rep. Roy Schmidt switched parties – has withdrawn.

  • To observers, the Republicans look like bumbling fools:

    Keystone Cop-level bungling was on full display this week over state Rep. Roy Schmidt’s filing – just 10 minutes before Tuesday’s filing deadline – in which he indicated he was running for re-election as a Republican, not a Democrat.

    Since this caught Michigan Democrats completely by surprise, Dems had no candidate to run against Schmidt. But that was the point. State Republicans, primarily House Speaker Jase Bolger, had been recruiting Schmidt to run as a Republican for weeks, and if Schmidt switched parties at the very last minute, Republicans would all but eliminate viable competition.

    More embarrassing for Republicans is that the same man that filed Schmidt’s candidacy papers Tuesday also filed Mojzak’s papers. Schmidt’s papers, incidentally, had been in Bolger’s possession before they were filed, according to Gongwer.

    Now c’mon Republicans, that’s just plain sloppy. You have to cover your tracks better than that.

  • But it’s still a political win for the GOP:

    “We would not have beaten Roy Schmidt. He was going to win,”

We know that this party switch has nothing to do with serving the people and everything to do with The Incredible Lying Schmidt’s own vendetta against Mark Brewer. Why? Because Schmidt said so:

“The simple truth is, extreme Democrat party bosses like Mark Brewer are unwilling to listen to ideas or accept my positions on issues that matter to me and Grand Rapids.”

Mark Brewer isn’t in the legislature. He’s the party Chair and his job is to win elections.

Expect to hear more from The Incredible Lying Schmidt when I get enough cash to have him drawn as the lying little bitchtoon that he is.

Census Daily

Monday, May 21st. Today marks the birthday of an important U.S. aviation pioneer who now is largely forgotten. Glenn Curtiss was born in Hammondsport, New York. He was the first U.S. motorcycle champion, setting a speed record of 136 miles an hour in 1907. Turning to aviation, he set many speed and distance records in the first decade of powered flight. Curtiss built the navy’s first aircraft, and later huge four-engined flying boats. One, the NC-4, made the first transatlantic crossing by an airplane in 1919. Glenn Curtiss held U.S. pilot’s license number one. Today, just over 594,000 Americans hold pilot’s licenses.

Solidarity forever, brothers and sisters!!!

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  1. R. Allen says:

    I think it’s time we refer to Jace as “Whitey Bolger”. Although he doesn’t yet have the body count attributed to the notorious mobster, he is certainly just as conniving.

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