Tim Skubick, et al vs. Bruce Fealk on Snyder Recall.

On April 29th, MLive journalist, Tim Skubick wrote an articleGovernor Snyder’s approach to labor distances him from Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker.   In that article Skubick spoke about the effort to recall Governor Snyder.

Skubick wrote, “Meanwhile regarding the Michigan recall aimed at Mr. Snyder, he is not exactly shaking in his boots over that. Which means he is not drafting a four-page plea to his conservative friends to bankroll a counter campaign. He won’t need it.

Just like the first effort last year that fell on its nose, this renewed “campaign” is headed in the same direction.

It lacks money; it lacks a statewide organization, the folks behind it are inept and on top of that they just blew a chance to get some free media, which the “movement” so badly needs.

Some time ago the Michigan Public TV stations attempted to contact the campaign by going to the Michigan Rising website. At least they have one of those, but the site contained no names of any human beings behind the drive and not one phone number or email of any of the leaders. The stations wanted someone to appear on Off the Record.

The stations could only leave a note in the message box on the site.

That was over two weeks ago and still no sign of life from the campaign.

Hello. Are you there?

As is often the case with angry folks who want to recall governors, that’s about all they have is anger.”

While it is true that Michigan Rising could use a big influx of money, we do have County Coordinators in many counties across Michigan.  I checked our media list and Skubick is on the list with two different e-mail addresses, so I’m pretty sure he did receive at least two press releases with my name, phone numbers and e-mail address.  As soon as I read his e-mail to me, I called Mr. Skubick, which was no easy feat, since the MLive web site did not list his e-mail address or phone number, and agreed to appear on Off The Record with a group of journalists unfriendly to the recall effort.

As I point out in this interview, the web site, MichiganRising.org has an about page with bios of the committee running the recall effort.

When I appeared on Off The Record on May 4th, I did ask Skubick for an apology for the misinformation he wrote in his article.  I have yet to receive that apology, but I hope people will watch the interview and decide it’s worth getting involved and helping to make history and recall Governor Snyder for his egregious disregard of democracy and his heavy handed policies he and the Republican legislature are imposing on the citizens of Michigan, many of whom have now been disenfranchised through the implementation of EFems, otherwise known as Emergency Managers and numerous other policies that are making the lives of middle-class Michiganders more difficult.

If you would like to help take Michigan back, please visit MichiganRising.org and offer to volunteer to help gather signatures or donate whatever amount you can to help in the effort.  Democracy is worth it.



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  1. If the nerd approval rating has gone up is because his Timmy Skubick and his fellow Snyder cheerleaders stop reporting on him. That’s why they hate when Maddow talks about what’s going on here.


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