Rally to protest publicly funded, for profit cyber-school schemes

I wanted to get this up as soon as possible so we can get as many people as possible to Lansing for this.

In Lansing on Wednesday, Michigan working people will gather to call on legislators to vote against Senate Bill 619 – a plan to expand so-called ‘cyber schools’ in the state which would profit American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) members like K12, Inc. and harm our students and teachers.

The legislation, introduced by Sen. Patrick Colbeck, is part of a national effort to strip taxpayer money for public education in favor of privatization schemes that benefit corporate special interests.

If you want more info about this issue, check out these links:

In short, this bill would remove the cap on cyber-schools and ultimately divert more taxpayer funds away from brick-and-mortar schools. Cyber-schools are not required to provide services such as bussing, meals, athletics, fine-arts, etc., and they are not required to offer all k-12 grades. There is a requirement to deliver “quality education” but there is no definition of what this means. Who wouldn’t want to run a cyber-school? Big money, no whammies.

More on the rally:

Who: Michigan working families

What: Meetings with legislators and press event in Room 424, State Capitol

When: 2 PM ET, Wednesday April 25, 2012

Where: Room 424 at our State Capitol, 100 North Capitol, Lansing

I’ll get this up in the events calendar too.

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