MediaMatters Hits Michigan Media for Not Covering Identified ALEC Asbestos Bill Passage

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This just out from with the title “No Oxygen: Michigan Media Silent As State Passes ALEC Bill Limiting Compensation For Asbestos Victims“:

“Last week, Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder (R) approved a bill that curbs the ability of asbestos-exposure victims to recover losses from some companies that are legally responsible. The bill was pushed by the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) and Crown Holdings, Inc., a Fortune 500 corporation trying to legislate its way out of compensating cancer and mesothelioma victims who were exposed to asbestos by a company it purchased. According to a Media Matters analysis, Michigan’s two largest newspapers, the Detroit Free Press and the Grand Rapids Press, have been utterly silent on the bill from introduction to its passage.”

Actually, not being on means the story is not a multitude of Michigan media outlets, many of whom have yet to run only occasional stories on the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) currently embroiled in controversy.

Last fall the ALEC Asbestos bill was submitted by crony capitalist Michigan Republicans AGAIN for the THIRD TIME. Here’s the timeline and docs:

House Bill 4601 (20112-12)
Sponsor: State Rep. Joe Haverman (Not yet a documented ALEC Member but close associate of Wayne Kuipers who was an ALEC member and submitted the same bill in 2005-2006)

House Bill 5167 (2009-2010)
Sponsors: Primary Mark Meadows (D-East Lansing) AND Tonya Schuitmaker(R) (ALEC MI State Chair)
Committee: Judiciary
Complete to 10-13-09

Senate Bill 591 (Substitute S-3) (2007-2008)
Sponsor: State Sen Wayne Kuipers
Committee: Judiciary
Passed by the GOP Senate
Data Submitted: June 2007
Date Completed: 8-13-08
Bill as Passed by GOP Michigan State Senate

Note: Kuipers was term-limited, confirmed ALEC member and still all-around troublemaker, Kuipers referenced ALEC in his publicly accessible submissions. Kuipers PAC very good candidate for NPR-style ALEC contribution tracing from that time period. This ALEC model was covered in our first MI ALEC investigation.

SECTION from the Daily Briefing posting this morning was included in the Kos piece

Michigan associated ALEC Corporate identified and documented so far by includes:

Amway (Alticor) (former but highly suspected as current)
Amisure-Michigan Mutual
Blue Cross Blue Shield
CMS Energy (Consumers Power)
Dow Chemical
DTE Energy
Ford Motor Company
General Motors
Hannover Insurance
Sara Lee

There maybe be more, nobody but ALEC knows due to the fact they do not release their membership lists of State Legislator or Corporations, Foundations or Associations belonging to the organization that is “ALEC-tro-fying” our Nation’s State Legislatures and State Laws.

Note: The Center for Media and Democracy corporate (corporations, associations, law firms, etc) members list is now somewhere around 406 now (less 11 this past week and a half), but the working list among researchers is at 671 corporations includes past and present – and companies that were major sponsors of ALEC annual conferences and events which costs about the same a formal ‘membership’.

The working LIST of MICHIGAN individual ALEC State Legislators, US Congressman and several non-political members (like Andrew Card) past and present is now over 150.

This time it’s the Michigan MSM that has been smoked.

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  1. Janis Smith says:

    Thank You for your detailed investigative report. Please continue! I wonder how any of ALEC’s laws can be legal; but, do not see the Justice Department involved. The school system is just about gone thanks to ALEC; but, we might still resist their takeover of the US Post Office…who knows…the more people understand – and thanks to articles such as this…they might find out in time to help fight ALEC Laws!

  2. Hector Solon says:

    An ALEC investigation regarding the United States (US) Postal Service (USPS) is post on the VLTP website page and is available for download HERE.

    In just 10 days, there have been thousands of downloads on this particular report, which took months of collaborative, hard work to investigate and create.

    The effort to cripple or privatize portions/or whole of the USPS is just one initiative, of multiple years-long efforts being pushed through ALEC as a “service provider” to ALEC corporate customers able to buy off ALEC politicians with that in mind.

    A link to VLTP is also on, the main ALEC information source. is a core team of ALEC researchers, a couple that have been chasing ALEC for years actually, and are working across the country on exposing ALEC from A-Z, figuring out just how many laws are already in place (not just the new bills and those related to current events), and is dedicated not just to helping orgs do work/reports on ALEC, but to inform and assist those like yourself.

    Thanks for the comment, and stay tuned, there are bigger shoes to fall on ALEC yet to come, maybe not in Michigan where ALEC is getting minimal coverage, but across the nation and cyberspace.


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