Monday briefing and open thread

Hi, folks. Christine’s down with the flu today so I’m filling in for an abbreviated Monday briefing. Hopefully we’ll have her back tomorrow.

Today in talk.


Just a couple of links today from my blog since I’m running late, both of which I’ll be talking about today on Tony’s show. The first is the unbelievable arrogance of the Michigan Republicans with regard to passing laws with “immediate effect”. In order to do that, they must have a super majority vote. If 1/5 of the members request it, they can receive a roll call vote. Republicans have been consistently just ignoring the Democrats asking for the roll call vote. Here’s what that looks like:

Click image for larger version. Image courtesy of Representative Jeff Irwin, used with permission.

Democracy? Not much. These jerks are all about the constitution until it suits them not to be.

I understand that Rep. Jeff Irwin has been talking to The Rachel Maddow Show staff and this may be getting coverage there this week.

Second, Governor Snyder signed a bill into law last Thursday that retroactively benefits only one person: the brother of Michigan Republican Party Chair Bobby Schostak:

On Thursday, Governor Rick Snyder signed a bill into law that goes into effect retroactively. The retroactive aspect of this bill benefits one person: David Schostak, brother and business partner of Michigan Republican Party chair Bobby Schostak. The bill overturns court decisions against Schostak that have him responsible for $2.4 million from a bad mortgage deal relating to the Cherryland Mall in Traverse City. […]

It’ll come as no surprise to those who have watched the Michigan Republicans over the past two years to find out that the Schostak Brother’s attorney, Lawrence McLaughlin, helped write the bill.

Hypocritical, corrupt and arrogrant. That’s your Michigan Republican Party today, kids. Have a good one and solidarity forever, brothers and sisters!!!

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  1. St. Jimmy says:

    Hope you get better soon, Christine.

    The Repugs have shown themselves to not even care about the rule of law anymore. Their corruption knows no bounds.

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