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  • Guns don’t kill people. Hoodies do.

    “I am urging the parents of black and Latino youngsters particularly to not let their children go out wearing hoodies,” Rivera said on “Fox & Friends.” “I think the hoodie is as much responsible for Trayvon Martin’s death as George Zimmerman was.”

    I’m not giving up my hoodie. I’m gorgeous in a hoodie.

  • Democrat Barb Shelton has announced that she will be challenging Earl Poleski for the 64th HD seat.

    JACKSON — State Rep. Earl Poleski and other Republicans have made cuts that hurt Michigan families, said Barb Shelton, a Democrat who is running against Poleski.

    …I think his agenda is the agenda that the Republicans came into office with. And that is balancing the budget on the backs of working families.”

    Shelton has 15 years of marketing experience, is a small-business owner and is treasurer of the Jackson County Democratic Women’s Caucus. Shelton announced her candidacy on Tuesday.

    She said she’s concerned about cuts made by the Republican-controlled Legislature and Gov. Rick Snyder, such as those to education funding.

    Poleski said he would be campaigning on making “tough decisions.” I hope people realize that this “tough decision” narrative is a complete lie. It’s an EASY decision for a Republican to gut education; they’ve been dying to do it. Why is it a tough decision if they believe that teachers are thugs?

    These decisions were tough because they were unpopular and opposed by the people of Michigan. That does not make those decisions “right.”

    I wrote about this district in my Red to Blue series, and talked about it with Tony Trupiano. Barb will need to get Jackson up above 80% and hold her own in the surrounding areas. I’ll have to take a look at the numbers again to get a more detailed GOTV analysis on the district.

  • Andrea Brown-Harrison joins Adam Zemke and Bob Davidow in the race for the 55th House District.

    Brown-Harrison, 47, highlighted her experience with the issues that are central to her campaign. She is a former teacher or math mentor in Ann Arbor, Milan, Willow Run and Ypsilanti Public Schools. She said she was a part of the Michigan Education Association and grew up in Flint in a family with ties to the United Auto Workers.

    Brown-Harrison also is a parent with two children and is married to an Ann Arbor firefighter, so issues at the state level pertaining to women and families are something she fully understands, she said.

    She said she will work to reverse recent changes to collective bargaining.

    “I feel we have to fight with everything in us to make sure the clock isn’t turned back, and the progress we have made isn’t turned back,” Brown-Harrison said.

    “I’ve worked in the schools and seen how hard teachers work, “ she said.

    I like that, but I don’t see how she gets past the Zemke momentum.

    Republican incumbent Rick Olson was considering switching to the Democratic Party in order to keep his seat, but let’s be real. Olson is toast. This race will be won in the primary.

  • Speaking of how hard teachers work, this is amazing. And so true.

    He has a new version of this too, but I like this one best.

  • Kyle Melinn discusses the DCCC attempt to recruit a challenger against Walberg:

    The situation is extremely serious for Democrats. We’re entering into a presidential year, with an incumbent president kicking Republican butt in Michigan polls — and the D’s have no candidate, let along a decent candidate to run against the state’s shakiest Republican incumbent.

    The 7th is very winnable for the Democrats this year, and everyone knows it.

    I don’t know why we aren’t finding candidates. My thoughts are that the DCCC and the MDP have simply abandoned too many people at the last minute. They’ve broken too many promises to their candidates. I don’t know if that’s really true, it’s just my feeling. I’m sure there are lots of smart people who disagree. I have spent several years thinking about going after Dave Camp, and the only thing stopping me is that I can’t self-fund. There’s no way the party would help me, and without party assistance it would be nearly impossible for me to advertise and build an organization to beat Camp.

    If that’s what’s happening in the 7th, then it’s the DCCChickens coming home to roost.

    And then there’s this, again from Melinn,

    The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee is in talks with former U.S. Rep. Joe Schwarz, who beat Walberg in a crowded six-way Republican primary in 2004 and served a term in Congress. Though he has only run as a Republican in his long political career, Schwarz is independent-minded and very moderate; he is a huge favorite among policy-minded thinkers who barf at run-of-the-mill puppet candidates.

    Schwarz is a Snyder supporter and voted with his party 91% of the time. Where’s the independent mind? Where’s the moderate thinking?

    Have we lowered the bar, or what?

Census Daily –

Profile America — Friday, March 23rd. This week in 1945, Billboard magazine computed the nation’s number one selling record album for the first time. The album, consisting of four 78 RPM shellac records, was the King Cole Trio. Among the eight sides, three featured vocals by Cole. The album stayed in the number one position for 12 weeks. A similar chart noting the country’s most popular single recordings had been published since January of 1936. Today, there are many different charts, reflecting the large number of music formats popular among music fans. Those fans spend nearly $7 billion each year on their favorite recordings.

By the way, the Census Daily for yesterday was a repeat of the bank robbery daily, so I had some fun with vouchers. :)

Solidarity forever, brothers and sisters!!!

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