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  • Starting with the Governor again, Rick Snyder has launched “Detroit Can’t Wait” on the official Michigan website. This website includes the following text,

    We need solutions. I have proposed a unique consent agreement aimed to get public input on how we can all partner together to make Detroit better, which will in turn make Michigan better. As a practical matter we need to bring the discussion to the forefront with all parties involved. We need to find common ground with long term solutions to a structurally broken system. We need to wipe the slate clean and move forward for the future.

    He also has a video on the site in which he assures everyone he is a nice and supportive guy.

    I offer this up for two reasons. First, page is launched directly on the heels of a court order requiring that any consent agreement be approved by Ingham County Chief Circuit Judge William Collette. You can get all the sticky details on Snyder’s legal problems with the Detroit situation here. Snyder is asking the Judge for a stay of the injunction, and will appeal the ruling if the Judge does not back down.

    So at this point, can we agree that this is a political and legal issue?

    And now Snyder is using the site to push his personal position on this political and legal issue.

    The second reason I am including this is that it’s a great example of how Republicans get decent people to buy into their wacko crap. You give people something reasonable to believe in, then you lead them down the path of crazy until they’ve bought in so much already that it’s hard for them to disagree. For example, everyone can agree that Detroit can’t wait. Everyone can agree that it shouldn’t be “Detroit vs Michigan.” Everyone can agree that Detroit needs assistance. These are easy messages for people to get behind. The next thing you know, people are saying “Snyder is just there to help!”

    I’m not going to pretend to be an expert on Detroit, but I do know with certainty that Snyder is NOT there to help.

  • Suddenly sober Rep. Bob Genetski has a history of traffic violations. Whodda thunk?

    State records, which go back seven to 10 years, show four traffic citations since 2005, three of them for speeding, while older court records show a handful of stops dating back to 1998.

    The Secretary of State record shows tickets:
    • On May 17, 2005, in Hudsonville for driving 80 mph in a 70 mph zone;
    • On Aug. 31, 2009, in Ann Arbor for disobeying a traffic control device;
    • On Nov. 23, 2009, in Allegan, for 60 mph in a 55 mph zone, with a Secretary of State notice for driver improvement; and
    • On Sept. 21, 2011, in Allegan, for 60 mph in a 55 mph zone and a second driver improvement notice. Genetski also has two points on his driving record as a result of this ticket

    In addition to those records, Allegan County District Court records show Genetski was fined $80 March 26, 2010, after he was stopped at 11:16 p.m. by the Saugatuck Douglas Police Department for an expired license plate.

    So basically, the typical Republican respect for the law.

  • Where’s your green card?

    Listen carefully to the crowd noise, particularly around the :08 mark of this clip:


    As if things could get any more ignorant, the basis for the band’s racism was itself misguided. Rodriguez was born in Puerto Rico, a commonwealth of the United States. Even if he hadn’t grown up in Miami and starred for a high school basketball team in that city, he’d still be an American citizen and have no need for a green card. Ignorant ignorance; it’s the best kind.

Census Daily –

Profile America — Wednesday, March 21st. Today marks the birthday of one of the major figures of the American wine industry — Julio Gallo. With his brother Ernest, he started making wine after Prohibition ended in humble surroundings — a rented California warehouse, with equipment bought on credit. Over the years, the brothers’ hard work saw their winery become the largest in the U.S., and their creative marketing techniques helped shape the nation’s drinking tastes. Now, Americans buy $18.5 billion of wine annually. California vintners produce about 90 percent of the domestic wine sold in the U.S. Overall, Americans consume an average of 2-1/2 gallons of wine annually.

Solidarity forever, brothers and sisters!!!

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    Is there any public official in America who speaks cliche as fluently as Rick Snyder?


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