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  • Let’s have some fun with Governor Snyder. As you know, Snyder signed a law prohibiting the deduction of teacher union dues last week. Here he is celebrating the new law. With him are the jackasses who helped get it to his desk, including Paul Scott and a representative from StudentsFirst.

    And now?

    The governor, now on a trade mission to Europe, said he has made preliminary overtures to union leaders, asking them to “reconsider and to have a dialogue” about a petition drive aimed at enshrining collective bargaining in the Michigan Constitution.

    “My concern is that could start a whole divisive atmosphere of other people trying to put right-to-work on the ballot, a whole bunch of things like that, and that would distract from the good things we’ve got going on,” Snyder said.

    A divisive atmosphere? Is that not Snyder in the middle of that picture, celebrating the anti-worker law he just signed?

    Give me a break.

  • In case you don’t remember, this is Students First.

    The Students First document also mentions Republican House aid Jason Mancini, and thanks him personally because he “literally ran every amendment by me before deciding to allow it in committee. He also sent me multiple drafts of the bills during the drafting process.”

    Jason Mancini is not in that picture, but shortly after helping the outsiders write our law, he got himself a cushy new lobbying job. Here he is with a co-worker,

    (On the left, of course)

  • Aspiring Governor / Senator Bill Schuette never met a Catholic school he didn’t like. This time he went off to pander to the Catholics in Manistee.

    Among the information to be presented will be how to access the Michigan Sex Offender Registry and how to sign up for e-mail updates and how to obtain reliable information on parental control software.

    Instructions will also be presented for using online tutorials on how to search and access your child’s social networking sites; view Internet history logs to determine where your children have been online; and how to access and modify settings for safer web surfing.

    I don’t have a problem with the program, or even with Catholic schools. I’m just wondering why our highest law enforcement officer in the state is the one giving the program? Why not someone who works for him and costs the state less money? I thought Republicans were all about saving taxpayer dollars?

    Someone is campaigning …..

  • Fresh from Auburn Hills, check out this awesomeness:

    Following the successful debut of the Dodge Charger Pursuit, Dodge will begin offering a Durango Special Service model for fleet use. The Dodge Durango Special Service SUV is specially designed to handle the rigors of everyday use by police and fire departments and fleet customers. Chrysler Group fleet operations will start taking orders now, with deliveries expected to begin in the second quarter of 2012.

    “We’re incredibly excited to add the Dodge Durango Special Service to our line-up of law enforcement vehicles,” said Peter Grady, Vice President of Network Development and Fleet Operations. “Adding Durango to our current Dodge Charger Pursuit and Ram 1500 Special Service vehicles allows us to offer a full range of fleet sedan, SUV, and truck options to law enforcement and government agencies.”

  • While Governor Snyder would have you believe the auto recovery is all due to his leadership and positivity, the truth is that President Obama and other Democratic leaders deserve the credit. Here’s a nice article on how the auto loans went from unpopular to populist.

    – as the New York Times has reported, in early 2009, 3 out of 4 Americans didn’t think Washington should help the automakers. Six in 10 opposed the bailouts once they happened.

    But, as a Pew poll last month found, those numbers have practically reversed, with Americans saying the bailouts were mostly good for the economy, by a 56 to 37 percent margin. The industry’s now in the black, and — most importantly — people are going back to work.


    The Obama White House bailed out a giant industry. And in so doing, gave it self a populist argument that may prove one of its most powerful this year.

    How the worm turns.

Census Daily –

Profile America — Tuesday, March 20th. As of 1:14 Eastern time this morning, it’s spring in the northern hemisphere. While celebrated by poets, composers, and artists, people of every age will also be glad to welcome a change in the weather after the long winter. While winter may hang on in spots around the country for a few weeks more, the time is coming for spring rains and soon afterward, a profusion of flowers in an infinite variety of colors. Those whose green thumbs have been itching all winter are eager to get their hands dirty. Three-out-of-10 U.S. households cultivate flowers, and one-in-four have a vegetable garden or take part in landscaping, while close to one-in-five plant flower bulbs. Twelve percent maintain a water garden.

Solidarity forever, brothers and sisters!!!

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