Republicans lied about the Oakland County power grab

File this under “I’m shocked! SHOCKED!!” Shocked like when I found out that Nigerian business opportunities are scams.

Evidence shows GOP lawmakers lied to manipulate redistricting process

News sources confirmed today that Republican bills which reduced Oakland County Commission seats from 25 to 21 members were done solely to allow the GOP controlled body to redraw court mandated district lines in their favor. Republicans had insisted that their motives were to save taxpayer money, but emails obtained from the Freedom of Information Act, show that was not the case.

Oakland County Republican representatives most active in the conspiracy were Rep. Eileen Kowall (R-White Lake Township) and Marty Knollenberg (R-Troy). According to Gongwer News Service, Rep. Kowall made it clear that Democratic control of the commission where the Republican majority has been dwindling must be avoided at all costs stating, “We have plenty of examples of what the Dems have tried to do and would do if they gain power. They would ruin (Oakland County) and destroy what decades of exemplary leadership took to build.” Both Kowall and Knollenberg were commissioned to lobby their caucus in support of the legislation.

In other words, the Republicans had conversations that demonstrate that the power grab had nothing to do with saving money, and everything to do with maintaining the Republican we-fukka-you leadership.

The evidence was discovered through the use of the Freedom of Information Act, which brought the relevant emails to light.

Emails also indicate that the staff working on the bill were well aware of the potential lawsuits stemming from the fact that it is a special local act that only applies to Oakland County. This belief was shared by the Democrats. The Michigan Supreme Court will hear oral arguments on the legal challenge to the law on Wednesday.

This is nothing new. Republicans often do what they know is wrong. For example,

All of the above have resulted in lawsuits, and there are a handful of other issues that will ultimately end up in court. That’s what happens when you enact bad law because you demand a particular result and you just don’t give a goober about anything else.

And that’s the part of their politics that really digs at me personally. They have a pathological need to hold dominion over others, and they will try to meet that need at all costs. It’s never about policy or saving money; it’s about their control over other people. It’s about using politics to bully other people.

Remember this when the nerd asks you to play nice.

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  1. perfectstormer says:


    Gretchen Whitmer and Tupac Hunter have released a statement condemning Snyder and company’s actions…

    “It gives me no great joy to be right in this situation, and it’s actually downright scary to see so much of the political corruption we suspected proven true,” said Senator Whitmer. “Sadly, this is just the latest and most brazen incident that has become a pattern of conduct in Lansing—if you can’t win by the rules, change them. From the Governor to L. Brooks Patterson, Republican Legislative leadership and even Mike Bishop, candidate for Oakland County Prosecutor, either they don’t know the law or they don’t care to enforce or uphold it. Neither is acceptable. Absolute power corrupts absolutely, and Republicans in Michigan have proven the adage right yet again. Let’s hope that this Republican way of life hasn’t corrupted the Supreme Court, too, and that impartial, unbiased justice is served tomorrow.”

    Full statement is here.


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