DCCC courting Snyder supporter Joe Schwarz to run against Walberg

So Joe Schwartz is considering another run against Tim Walberg, this time as a Democrat.

Schwarz backed Schauer over Walberg in both elections but supported Republican Gov. Rick Snyder’s 2010 campaign.

“I consider myself an independent,” he said. “I haven’t gone anywhere philosophically … I’m a fiscal conservative, someone who’s for a very strong military presence and someone who’s a social moderate.”

Schwartz said that he was “flattered” by the DCCC’s recruiting efforts and that he wants to see Walberg lose, saying he is “farther right by a significant amount” than most of the district’s voters.

I think this is an AWESOME idea. We need to get more Snyder supporting independent thinkers elected to office. Especially Snyder supporting independent thinkers who voted with the Republican Party 91% of the time. And especially using the resources of the Democratic Party.

For example, did you know that Governor Snyder recently appointed Washtenaw GOP Chair to serve on the Michigan Court of Appeals?

I know what you’re thinking, but this is not political hackery. This is independent thinking. This is the kind of thing that earns Rick Snyder the support of independents like Joe Schwarz.

(Remember that Court of Appeals thing. It’s gonna come back.)

In case you missed it, last week Snyder signed into law the latest anti-labor, anti-teacher, anti-school law. This time aimed at making it more difficult for school unions to collect dues. Snyder says this has nothing to do with punishing teachers, it’s just good fiscal policy. That is despite the fact that all of the data shows that this will increase the cost to the school districts.

I’d be suspicious, but independent thinkers like Joe Schwarz are totally into Snyder. Must be ok.

Say, the Michigan Supreme Court will hear arguments tomorrow on whether to take up the Oakland Co redistricting case. You remember the GOP – Oakland County power grab, right?

For the first time, Democrats held a majority on the Reapportionment Commission, which is comprised of the Oakland County Prosecutor, Treasurer and Clerk and the heads of the county Democratic and Republican parties.

Republicans didn’t like the map and challenged it in the state Court of Appeals. An appeals panel upheld the map, however. Coincidentally, the Michigan Supreme Court denied last week an appeal by Republicans of the original maps drawn by the Democratic majority on the Reapportionment Commission because it didn’t meet the 30-day appeals deadline.

But the Legislature passed a law last month that would reduce the number of commissioners from 25 to 21 and have the Oakland County commission — which has a 15-10 Republican majority — redraw the districts.

Republicans touted the change as a $250,000 annual cost savings for the county. But Democrats called it a blatant power grab by Republicans who decided to change the rules when they didn’t suit their partisan goals.

The Michigan Court of Appeals ruled that the law was unconstitutional, but L Brooks Douchebaggerson didn’t take that lying down:

“We’ve already got the brief written,” he said, noting the appeals court panel was stacked with Democrats. “This was no surprise to us. Now we’ll take it to the Supreme Court and see what happens there.”

Court of Appeals. [ ____Insert troubled chuckle___ ]

Now we’re on the way to the Michigan Supreme Court:

Oakland County spokesman Bill Mullan said the county looks forward to presenting its arguments in favor of the law to the state’s highest court. He said reducing the number of commissioners will save the county $2.5 million over 10 years.

But Snyder assures us that it is not about partisanship, it’s about being a fiscal conservative, which is why Governor Snyder signed it into law in the first place. Joe Schwarz says he is a fiscal conservative too.

And finally, the ACLU recently filed a lawsuit asking a federal court to strike down the law that prohibits public employers from providing domestic partners with benefits. You remember the law, right? Snyder signed it on the basis that the state could save money by not allowing state employees to provide their domestic partners. He swears it isn’t gay bashing:

“I’ve never approached it from that context because the legacy of how this got started was really a purely economic issue.” (Gongwer, 12/22/11)

But …

… an analysis of programs across the state proves these numbers to be wildly inaccurate. In fact, studies show that domestic partner health care coverage, in addition to attracting and retaining the best employees, costs well under one percent of the health care budget of public employers who voluntarily provide these benefits. Additionally, unlike married couples, domestic partners must pay taxes to the state on their health insurance benefits – revenue that the state would lose under the new law. Corporations throughout Michigan and the nation have determined that providing domestic partner benefits to employees is essential to remaining competitive and attracting and retaining top talent.

Fiscal conservatives usually approach everything as a “purely economic issue” even if it results in lawsuits, wasted public dollars, and hungry people.

And Joe Schwarz says he is a fiscal conservative too!

This is gonna be awesome. At least 91% of the time.

ps. Does “John Joseph Henry Schwarz” remind anyone else of “John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt” ?

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    The DCCC is scraping the bottom of the barrel this election cycle. Their list of candidates has more distressed merchandise than your local dollar store.

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