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  • Don’t you love watching the Republican grassroots meltdown when they realize their party has no intention of representing them? It’s so awesome. Today we’ve got two examples of the implosion, from our friends (no) at Right Michigan. First this piece on the autism mandate.

    Remember, the majority of House Republicans rejected the autism coverage mandate in 2009, here and here. Andy Dillon and House Democrats actually passed those bills. Senate Majority Leader Mike Bishop let this unnecessary legislation die in the December 2010 lame duck session without vote.

    Perhaps those actions are just reflective of when Republican Legislators were attuned to the TEA movement that gave them the control of every lever of power in Lansing they now enjoy? Nothing else can reasonably explain what today’s Majority is doing with associating the Republican name to this.

    Hey, that’s what happens when a Republican has a kid with autism. You know how these Republicans march in lock-step. This time they march in lock-step behind Brian Calley.

    Next up join me in a good chuckle over the “GOP Corruption”

    How can we stand as a party with true principles, if the pursuit of power overrides common sense and appropriate management of our affairs? How can the desire for a single candidate be allowed to flavor the rules after the fact, to advance that candidate? How can a party that continually keeps trying to call itself “Big Tent” work so diligently to drive away the conservatives, grass roots, and TRUE Republicans, expect to survive such an important time in the history of this country?

    (aside: it cracks me up that they are just now learning this about their party)

    The piece goes on regarding the resignation of a county party leader, due to state party issues,

    And as we go into the toughest campaign season anyone alive has ever seen, all the gains seen in 2010 will likely be tossed aside for the vanity of the old guard. Tanya Hill is not the first in her abandonment of Republicans due to shady backroom politics, and sadly, she won’t be the last.

    The tears taste so sweet.

  • Governor Snyder wants to cut welfare cash assistance for families whose kids skip school.

    Judy Putnam, spokeswoman for the Michigan League for Human Services, which opposed Snyder’s earlier welfare reform, said the group will keep an eye on how the proposed truancy exception is carried out.

    “It doesn’t seem unreasonable to require children to be in school,” Putnam said. “On the other hand, families without resources often struggle with transportation, with trying to work a job and with illnesses. Until we walk in their shoes, we don’t know why those kids are missing class.”

    I wouldn’t have a problem with this if there were resources in place to handle this. As it stands I can see people losing cash assistance after a child has an extended illness or after a family moves out of a district and the child is marked as absent instead of transferred. Mistakes happen, especially in an understaffed, under-funded, over-stressed, and undeservedly maligned institution.

  • Peter Luke talks about the differences between Snyder’s talk and the common GOP primary voter values. Peter listed several things that the Governor has said that makes him appear much more moderate than his party. It’s very unfortunate that Governor Snyder isn’t truthful about his stand on the issues. Snyder is a guy I want to like. Unfortunately he’s done so many right-wing nutbag things that are direct contradictions of what he says, that he just can’t be trusted.
  • This is from last year, but I just got the link from a friend over the weekend. Check it out if you haven’t seen it. The National Geographic Photo Contest 2011. Some wicked cool stuff.
  • Might we be getting our film incentives restored?

    Jeffrey Spilman, co-executive producer of the Uptown Film Festival as well as the founder and managing partner of the Ferndale-based S3 Entertainment Group, said the mood in the Michigan film industry has been dour since the incentives were capped at $25 million a year in 2011.

    However, Richardville said there’s movement in the Michigan legislature to increase the film budget in upcoming years and he’s “doing everything” he can to change traditional conservative notions of economic return when it comes to the film industry.

    “We are forming a budget now that would put $100 million toward this,” Richardville said. “We will be fighting and I intend to win.”

    Richardville said Snyder has entered office with the idea that the film industry should be able to take care of itself, however Richardville said the film incentives program is about more than numbers — it’s about what’s good for Michigan.

    Here’s hoping.

Census Daily:

Profile America — Monday, March 12th, noting Women’s History Month. On this date 100 years ago, Juliet Gordon Low gathered together 18 young girls in Savannah, Georgia for the first meeting of what would become the Girl Scouts of the USA. Low believed that all girls should be given the opportunity to develop values and self-awareness, relate to others, and contribute to society. With the goal of bringing members out of isolated home environments, Girl Scouts hiked, played basketball, went on camping trips, and studied first aid. Today, there are there are 2.3 million girl members, ranging from Daisies to Seniors. Close to 900,000 adults keep the Girl Scouts going —most of them among the 36 million American women who perform volunteer work. You can find these and more facts about America from the U.S. Census Bureau, online at

Solidarity forever, brothers and sisters!!!

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