Monday briefing and open thread

This one is coming out a little late today, and I’m sorry about that, I had craaaazy morning. It’s definitely easier getting the talk show lineup later in the day though ;)

Today in talk.

  • Tony Trupiano – I was on with Tony this morning to talk about the house races here. You can listen to my segment here, but the much more interesting people can be found here. :)

    You can livestream Tony from his site from 6a-9am. Don’t forget to connect with him on the First Shift Facebook page.

  • Stephanie Miller – You can stream Steph live video from ustream from 9am – 12pm. You can also stream Steph’s audio right after Tony’s show on iHeart.

    Some good news today .. Current TV has picked up Stephanie Miller and Bill Press for a morning lineup.

    From Stephanie’s announcement:

    We are proud and excited to announce that The Stephanie Miller Show will now be video simulcast on CURRENT TV five mornings a week; Mon-Fri from 9am-12N ET or 6am-9am PT. Check your local cable tv provider for listings, see the list below or go to

    Direct TV- Channel 358
    Comcast -Channel 107
    Time Warner Cable NY- Channel 103
    Time Warner LA- Channel 142
    Verizon FIOS- Channel 192
    AT&T UVerse- Channel 189

    Read more here.

  • Thom Hartmann

    Hour One: Hey Rush – Who is the Prostitute now? / Plus, “protesters & pink slips on Broadway” – Kristin Marting, The Line 2012

    Hour Two: Is sharing the key to an advanced society?

    Hour Three: Iceland prosecutes Former PM for failing to prevent financial bubble…

    Big news for Thom too .. he’ll be moving to 3pm – 6pm starting March 12. So he will be following Ed Schultz but up against Randi Rhodes. :/

    You can also watch Thom on Free Speech TV.

  • Ed Schultz – You can listen to Ed live at from noon – 3pm. Today’s lineup is Mike Papantonio on Rush, Terry O’Neill on Rush, Eric Boehlert on Rush, Krystal Ball on Rush, and John Nichols on Super Tuesday. (are you chuckling?)

    Speaking of Ed Schultz and Rush, the right wing apologists are out there trying to make Eddie’s “Laura Ingraham is a right wing talk slut” and Rush’s 3 day personal attack on Sandra Fluke appear to be the same thing. They are not the same thing. If Rush had said Sandra Fluke was a “media whore” we might have an equivalency. But an ongoing smear campaign is not about the word “slut.” It’s unfortunate that there are so many stupid people to believe this sh…tuff.


  • Randi Rhodes – You can listen live via her website from 3p-6p EST.
  • The War Room with Jennifer Granholm is on Current at 9pm.
  • Go Left TV on YouTube.


  • Jim Hightower takes aim at healthcare:

    From New York to Los Angeles, hospitals that draw huge subsidies from taxpayers (and often are so overcrowded that regular patients are lucky to get a gurney in the hallway) have set aside entire floors for $2,400-a-day deluxe suites. They come with butlers, 5-star meals, marble baths, imported bed sheets, special kitchens, and other amenities for swells who have both insurance and cash to burn.

    It’s repugnant for the plutocratic elite to pervert health care into a luxury commodity.

  • From our friends (no) at Right Michigan, we get this piece on the ‘dishonesty of the republican party':

    Its dishonest to be a Republican and claim some faux conservative credential while adding social programs which add to the burden our children forever. It is certainly dishonest to ignore good public policy such as right to work, for the fear of losing politically in the house. It is dishonest to cry foul over the deficit, yet beg for more grants from the federal government and further perpetuate the problem.

    And it is simply outright corruption to change the rules for a different outcome at the game’s end in a political contest

    Haha suck it losers.

    As much as I love the taste of their tears, the real reason I included this article was that it shouted out to one of our own:

    You know, for the first time I agree with that Trotskyite, Shopshire, who spends his taxpayer paid office time blogging.

    I don’t remember the esteemed JGillman complaining about Bill Schuette’s taxpayer funded campaigning for Rmoney. Probably because it’s much worse when a communications guy is blogging.

    +1 to JGillman for using the word ‘Trotskyite’ in a sentence, but -2 for a post full of ass.

  • From our Eclectapal, “Nolan Finley is shocked – SHOCKED! – that union members support President Obama” …

    Finley says the Obama campaign should have to “report the UAW’s efforts as an in-kind contribution”. One wonders how he feels about the Koch brothers, the Mackinac Center, and other right-wing groups supporting the Republican candidates. Actually, we know how Finley feels about them. They are A-OK in his book. That’s “grassroots” in his world. His references to “filthy camps” and unsubstantiated “allegations of violence and rapes” are part and parcel of the right-wing demonization of true grassroots activists and not at all surprising.

    The right-wing can’t stop lying or their entire world will fall apart.

    Census Daily

    Profile America — Monday, March 5th. FM radio as we know it began this month in 1941. That’s when the first commercial FM station went on the air — W47NV in Nashville. FM — standing for frequency modulation — was first proposed in a scientific paper written by Edwin Armstrong in 1922. By 1934, he demonstrated how FM was unaffected by static, unlike all the radio stations then on the air, which used AM or amplitude modulation. Critics said the idea was impractical. World War II interrupted the advance of FM broadcasting, which slowly began to gain popularity in the 1950s. Today, there are nearly 14,500 radio stations around the nation — two-thirds of them operating on the FM band. Profile America is in its 15th year as a public service of the U.S. Census Bureau.

    Enjoy your day. :)

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