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  • Tony Trupiano – Tony’s guests for today are Occupy Detroit, Joe DiSano, and Dawud Walid. You can live stream Tony’s show, connect with him on the First Shift Facebook page, and pick up the podcasts from his show here. Do visit him on Facebook, even if you just want to say hi; he loves hearing from listeners.
  • Stephanie Miller – Guests are Tina Dupuy from Crooks and Liars, and John Fugelsang. You can stream Steph live from ustream. Her show follows Tony’s on 1310, so you can stream it the same way you stream Tony.  We have some links to the Sexy Liberal Show and some Hal Sparks stand-up .. if you are looking for some lols to get you through the day, these are great!
  • Thom Hartmann – It’s townhall Friday, anything goes. As always, America’s Senator Bernie Sanders will be on for hour 1 for Brunch with Bernie. You can watch Thom on livestream from noon – 3pm EST. It’s replayed 24/7 so now if you miss a radio show you can catch it there.

    Also don’t forget you can watch Thom on Free Speech TV as well.

  • Ed Schultz – You can get Ed’s lineup later today by going to Also remember if you missed his MSNBC shows, you can watch them online here
  • The War Room with Jennifer Granholm is on Current at 9pm.
  • I’m leaving this link in the daily briefings until I put something up in our sidebars. Did you know you could catch Ring of Fire and other great progressive content on You Tube? Well I suppose you probably did, but here’s a link anyway. Go Left TV.


  • This is AWESOME!!!!!

    The Romney campaign removing Santorum signs. So precious.

  • Thom Hartmann’s Thursday show:

    Thom discusses last night’s GOP debate and the economy with Green Party candidate Dr. Jill Stein. Also discussed: the Republicans pathetic infrastructure spending bill, the latest from the Occupy Wall Street movement and Thom’s “Daily Take” on the GOP candidates eagerness to go to war with Iran.


  • Here’s the Mackinac Center crying in their scotch over the fact that the SEIU gets to collect union dues, which could be used for electing Democrats. Cry, cry baby.
  • Susan Demas on why the GOP is losing Michigan.

    …when Republican presidential candidates started cheering that they “hope inequality always exists” (Rick Santorum) and declaring that they were “not concerned about the very poor” (Mitt Romney), I did a double take.

    Because even if you’re a hard-core Tea Party-type who hates social welfare spending with a burning passion, you’ve got to figure there’s a better way to express that idea. (You know, something uplifting that uses the words “liberty” and “Reagan” as much as humanly possible).

    As for the other 90 percent of the country, Romney and Santorum just come off as mean and out of it.

  • More word soup from Sarah Palin, on the GOP primary

    … It will be quite interesting, though, to see what happens there in Michigan in Romney’s home state. He having deep roots there with his father having been governor of the state for so many years, and he’s claiming it as his home state, and his wife being from Michigan also. Perhaps a win or a loss there will be perceived quite indicative of his electability in a general.

    This is also awesome,

    …Look at his numbers, say, there in Michigan where folks are, I believe, according to the numbers as being an indicator, the poll numbers, they are connecting more to Santorum it seems. And that’s why Santorum’s numbers are good in Michigan. The Reagan Democrats, the church-going Catholics, who are, you know, a lot of good union brothers and sisters who just want to make sure our economy is going back on the right track, and that connection to this blue-collar background of Santorum’s is boding well for him as opposed to some of what Romney has been saying.

    Dear God. If you can decipher that crap, you will see what looks like a bone being thrown to the jackass Reagan Democrats and “good union brothers and sisters.” Give me a break. The Reagan Democrats should have learned their lessons by now, considering that most of them have kids and grandkids who had to mortgage their futures to pay for college. And that nut should not be calling us her brothers and sisters unless we are being invaded by Martians and it’s humans vs aliens. At which point we should still require some sort of evidence that she is part of the human family before we simply accept it.

  • Hey remember how Snyder endorsed Romney?

    Snyder spent two days last week campaigning for Romney and doing interviews with national media. He may get more involved as the election approaches, said Sara Wurfel, his spokeswoman.

    Staying home may be the wiser choice: Among Republican primary voters, 28 percent said Snyder’s endorsement made them less likely to vote for Romney, according to a Public Policy Polling survey conducted Feb. 17-19. Only 13 percent said Snyder’s choice would sway them and 57 percent said it made no difference.

    Can’t. Stop. Laughing.

Census Daily

Profile America — Friday, February 24th. An Old West legend is being celebrated starting today during Lost Dutchman days in Apache Junction, Arizona. Over the next three days, some 30,000 people will enjoy a parade, a carnival, live entertainment, and a wild horse and burro auction. The event is named for a gold mine supposedly discovered by a German immigrant who died before revealing the source of the gold he brought to town over the course of two decades. Many have tried to find the mine, and some have vanished or died mysterious deaths in the Superstition Mountains. The U.S. mines about 230 tons of gold each year, 9 percent of the world’s total production.

Enjoy your day. :)

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  1. Snarky Anderson says:

    I have a culinary question: is it ever appropriate to put Russian dressing on a Sarah Palin word salad?

    • Only a Pinko Commie like you yourself, posting here, on the site, in the comments, would want to put Russian dressing, which you can see from Alaska, God’s country, on America’s greatest, and that being the best, salad.

  2. sweet, it worked :)

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